Electronic pulltabs for new Vikings stadium are coming up short

  • Article by: JEAN HOPFENSPERGER , Star Tribune
  • Updated: February 28, 2013 - 5:29 PM

Slow influx of games is dragging projections well below already-lowered expectations.

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smackdaddy2Feb. 27, 1310:07 PM

Another example of govt waving their magic wand and putting down made up numbers to push a bad bill past a public dominated by sheep who want to root for a bunch of millionaires who could care less about them. Bravo Minnesota, you can add a new tax to pay for this mess on top of the bonanza of taxes the DFL and Dayton are about to levy on the state. Bravo.

chastaylorFeb. 27, 1310:11 PM

Now who would have ever guessed the projections wouldn't add up? Get ready citizens, the tax man cometh...

sharkysharkFeb. 27, 1310:17 PM

This story keeps coming back and still no movement by the Legislature to save the taxpayers from financial ruin. The Metrodome is still standing and doesn't cost a billion $$ that the state doesn't have. Call your reps and demand that they pull the plug on the new stadium until a more equitable financing package (paid for by the Vikings) is in place. The Democrat controlled Legislature is wasting time on meaningless issues when an opportunity to save the State real money is right in front of them.

ti1310Feb. 27, 1310:18 PM

----The state Gambling Control Board has said it must ensure that games follow the approved standards, which can take time---- Months? What could possibly take so long to figure out if the game meets standards? We approve plans for 40 story buildings in less time...

RossbergFeb. 27, 1310:30 PM

The key number to look at is the income per device. According to the numbers released to the public they start out high and dop by at least 50% within a month or two. That shows that people try out te games but don't find them to be interesting or entertaining which means there's really no chance this will ever be successful and also is more proof that a pilot program was needed before we risked everything on this. Despite their reluctance to do anything except put it off in hopes of some miraculous turnaround, what the Legislature should do right away is either come up with an alternative funding method or revisit the entire stadium project. Delay in taking action is only going to make matters worse since this project is going further into the hole each month. If you're going to be in the business of gambling you have to behave like a casino would and drop games and devices that aren't profitable.

TobsterFeb. 27, 1310:32 PM

It's time for state-run casinos. The state lottery has been a huge success with billions going into the environment. Lets expand the lottery into casinos with the same odds and payouts transparency as the lottery. Spread a few out throughout the metro and keep expanding as needed. In addition to the local popularity, imagine the tourism draw which would raise even more revenue as well as put us on the map instead of being flyover country. The only real controversy would be the infringement of the Native American monopoly/reparations. But it's time for compromise. Let both types of casinos exist.

elmore1Feb. 27, 1310:38 PM

This shows you how fiscally skilled Dayton and Rybak are. They could have supported the White Earth Casino and it wouldn't cost the taxpayers anything. Now Dayton wants to bump State spending by eight percent as an "investment"?

jtriceFeb. 27, 1310:40 PM

Hear, hear! Pull the plug and save the Humptydome!!!

swmnoldguyFeb. 27, 1310:44 PM

CHANGE THE GAMBLING LAWS!!! Allow every Minnesotan the same opportunity to run gambling as SOME Minnesotans (Indians) have now. Allow anyone to have slots in bars! Allow anyone to open a casino! Let the free market decide when there are too many slot machines, too many casinos. A SMALL tax off the top would fund a stadium and education and lots more. This is a plan that I'm betting would pass if a referendum were held!!!

forpeopleFeb. 27, 1310:45 PM

I hope that sensible Minnesotans wisely just wisely avoid wasting money on these foolish electronic pulltabs. Dayton is just not too smart -- one wonders if he has been bumped on the head. Whatever happened to his 'tax the rich' promise? That lying Dayton has changed his promise from 'tax the rich' to 'soak the middle class'.


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