A familiar tune: Wolves rally, fall a point short

  • Article by: JERRY ZGODA , Star Tribune
  • Updated: February 27, 2013 - 12:11 PM

They summoned the energy to force overtime but still lost to struggling Phoenix at the start of a Western road swing.

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rp121293Feb. 26, 1311:24 PM

At least they are entertaining.

oxboardFeb. 27, 13 5:06 AM

And Johnson sit a chews his fingernails, he's fresh, ready to play, could being some energy. this coach has zero ability to get a team ready to play. He isn't any better than Saunders, or McHale, or Whittman. Even with Love back, it wouldn't make much difference, Garnett suffered all those years here and couldn't make it happen, this franchise is numb from the top down.

matthewJamesFeb. 27, 13 7:59 AM

Super stars players win these close games. We have a good bunch of role players.

trapshooterFeb. 27, 13 8:09 AM

I have to respond, Adelman is one of the all time great coaches of this league. A 10 day contract center was not going to win the game for us. We have no "shot creators" right now and so when the defense tightens up we don't have a "go to" player. Adelman isn't the one missing shots the last time I checked. And compare our points per game allowed since Adelman became coach to the prior couple of years. We need players...that's it.

kmdoleFeb. 27, 13 8:59 AM

I have watched every game this season and get more and more frustrated each night. The Wolves show signs every now and then of being a good team, and just when you think they turned the corner, they sink back to ineptitude. Night after night they find the same old ways to lose. They either start- out of the gate on fire, build a big lead only to falter and crumble at the end, or they come out cold, then rally and fade. This team can’t finish games. We have no go to player that can hit the big shots to stave off their opponents rally. Last night it was the same old story at the end, they have too many empty trips down the court. You can’t miss the shots time and time again in the last few minutes and expect to win the game. Right now Derrick and Rubio are the only reason to tune in at night. Williams has shown that he can play in this league and be a star. My fear is that when Mr. Love “to punch walls” comes back, he will be the odd man out and that will be a travesty. I would like to know why Adelman can’t find any minutes for Charles Johnson. He is tall, long and athletic. I don’t want to hear about matchups and size and him being to lean to play against some of the centers. JJ is five foot nothing, who does he match-up well with? Give him some minutes Rick.

stcguyFeb. 27, 13 9:29 AM

Ricky air balls his shot at the end of regulation and Shved rolls his off the rim in OT. If we had a guy who could finish at the end of a game this team would look a lot different. But we don't ... so instead we are relegated to watching supporting players try to play the lead dog and they can't. Luke missed his the other night to go along with Ricky and Shved. 0-3 in chances to win a game in the final seconds. We don't have a finisher on the roster ... cue to Kahn and Adelman... if you want to take a big step next year get a 2 guard that can play at a high level or else this is going to continue to play itself out with the same outcome.

MuddyOasisFeb. 27, 13 9:53 AM

Who is Charles Johnson ? Are you referring to Chris Johnson ?

wayne5040Feb. 27, 1310:06 AM

I'd like to add that watching Shved is frustrating. He is another Wes Johnson, but with a little better attitude. His shot is inconsistent at best and he is weak going to the basket. He gets knocked around and is always looking for the foul that is never called. I understand that he is a rookie, but at this point in the season, he should realize that he is not going to get the call, that if you go into the lane you're going to get hammered, and the NBA is a physical league. It's not just him, but a lot of Wolves players have the mentality that they go to the basket looking for the foul, instead of going to the basket, finishing strong, then let the foul come if it is called. I get tired of hearing that Shved has potential because this is his first year. If you can't hit wide open shots, it doesn't matter how young you are or how much potential you have. Not to mention his turnovers and poor defense. Wolves need guys that can hit open shots. Get rid of Shved while he has some value (before he is totally exposed as a bust) and get some proven players that can hit shots from outside.

MuddyOasisFeb. 27, 1310:15 AM

STC - What kind of two guard are you referring to ? A guy for the last 5 minutes of a game or a guy for the whole game ? A shooter ? A scorer ? A two way player ? There is only a handful of wings that are all those things...so you have to know what qualities you want. Which do you want ?

wayne5040Feb. 27, 1310:18 AM

Another reason why Kahnman should be shown the door ASAP. Last offseason the Kahnman decided to devote his time and energy into acquiring a RFA, Batum, that he had no chance in signing. He wasted all the time and energy in that pointless excersize, while he could have tried to sign a real scorer like Jamal Crawford. Crawford expressed his like for the Wolves and Adelman, but Kahnman completely ignored him in FA. He would start for this team and be a go to scorer at the end of the game. Plus, as an added bonus, Kahnman completely pissed off the Blazers who are now going to play the same game with Pekovic and drive his price too high for the Wolves.


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