Obama rejects GOP plan to give president more say in allocating spending cuts

  • Article by: JOSH LEDERMAN , Associated Press
  • Updated: February 26, 2013 - 4:37 PM
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theagonybhoFeb. 26, 13 7:45 AM

It's starting to get embarrassing for Obama hes now down to shipbuilders. Lets see a budget bigger than last year will idle ship builders, close headstart, lay off 1 million people, ruin the economy, take grandmas pills away, shut down the military and slow the airports? What exactly would happen if there actually was a cut?

gearrunrFeb. 26, 1312:01 PM

A week or 2 ago I heard one of the conservative talking heads say something that is ringing more true with me with each thing Obama does. They said he's never seen as governing. Always campaigning, always "fixing from the outside". That way he takes zero blame for any problems. It's insulting.

myopinion52Feb. 26, 1312:02 PM

I am curious which entitlements the GOP want to address. I think there is a reason Obama is side-stepping. Put everything out so we "the people" can see what the issues are. If there is no merit for Obama's actions, then at least we will know. I am so tired of all the slamming being done (both sides) without all the facts.

tranqwhlFeb. 26, 1312:08 PM

Please stop campaigning, and get to work with the people you're supposed to be "reaching across the aisle" to work with!!!!

dorkeemnFeb. 26, 1312:08 PM

Does he know how to lead or simply how to campaign? Leadership means showing the way - come up with a detailed plan, get someone to introduce it as a bill and then let the house and senate vote it up or down. And by the way compromise isn't my way or the highway. The house did compromise in january. Now it's your turn BO

jcrew45Feb. 26, 1312:09 PM

These staged events are just so bazaar......I just don't think the president knows how to sit down and reach concensus with people. Giving a great campaign speech doesn't solve the issue. The President is part of the process here. It was the Presidents staff that proposed the sequester idea and it was the President that signed it into law. How about providing leadership rather than sound bites and staged pep fests? Thinking back to the Reagan and Clinton years and how they handled these types of disputes makes this public theater gig even more strange.

dibblegonFeb. 26, 1312:10 PM

...and and...... Happy meals will no longer be happy..... And and.....it will always be cloudy.... And and....the hollidazzle will cease to dazle....

theagonybhoFeb. 26, 1312:14 PM

Wasnt it Obama who said Romney was so outdated in his military thinking that he treated ‘like a game of Battleship’, and mocked him for living in a time of 'horses and bayonets'. now hes at shipyard that makes boats for the Navy crying about how this will hurt ship builders and how crucial the Navy is, you cant make this stuff up.

detaxusFeb. 26, 1312:20 PM

You're asking him to lead? You want him to come up with a plan? This from a man whose only budget couldn't even get 1 vote in a Democrat Controlled Senate. It was shot down 98-0

cavellFeb. 26, 1312:25 PM

The govt uses our taxes to pay fed workers. Why not have private companies do the work? Shrink the fed bloated pig? Smaller govt, less waste, greater efficiency?


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