Twin Cities cancer doctors, and their dollars, in turf battle

  • Article by: Maura Lerner , Star Tribune
  • Updated: February 26, 2013 - 9:31 AM

Would cancer patients benefit from more radiation centers being established?

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okaybruceFeb. 25, 1310:31 PM

Spending millions of health care dollars - earned from patients ultimately - seems criminal in the age of outrageous health care costs. How about paying off health care worker student loans and offering free or cheaper care to those who cannot afford it? Lobbying. Shame on MRO and Minnesota Oncology.

waterdogzFeb. 25, 1310:41 PM

Interesting topic. The latest Time magazine has a very in-depth, 40-page (!) cover story on health care costs, discussing where the money goes and for what specific charges. It briefly covers the medical technology arms race, and lobbying as well. A very good read.

nathanhaleFeb. 25, 1310:59 PM

First Irving Lerner and Minnesota Oncology ran Fatih Uckun and Parker Hughes out of town and now they're lobbying the legislature and spending millions to force other competitors out of business. They're shameless.

chlyn001Feb. 26, 1312:54 AM

I read this weeks Time Magazine article on medical care and it's really an EYEOPENER. Should be required reading for all. Let's hope the scandal of US health care gets as much airtime as other less important matters. If it does, health care could be reformed in a hurry. It's all about the money when it comes to health care in America. Our whole economy struggles a bit except in health care where the insular and highly paid docs, hospital administrators, insurance execs and other big shots all are raking in the big bucks at everyone else's expense. So much for "non-profit" and other lies. Truly scandalous.

photogal56Feb. 26, 13 1:29 AM

Deep breath here........... Are you kidding me?? People are fighting over who has the right to invade "turf" on Cancer? I say it should be everyone has the advantage to try to figure out the best treatment for this ugly disease....... My brother had cancer........ so yes ....I am biased.... I want the best options for treatment Don't be selfish or stupid..... come on!!! You are suppose to be about saving lives, not making money!

ptwaterwalkeFeb. 26, 13 6:44 AM

nathanhale- parker hughes needed to be run out of town talk abt practicing medicine for the sake of profit. They were doing tests that didnt need to be done and giving unproven treatments. It was unethical and while they probably helped some they advertised under the premise that had had something no one else did and they didnt.

mandansmomFeb. 26, 13 7:09 AM

Conventional wisdom has always been that competition is good for health care because the market place will control costs. How's that working for us?

stjohnsonFeb. 26, 13 7:18 AM

Lift the moritorium and let the market play out. Incredible that one company can continue to want a moritorium so others can't invade their turf.

turgidFeb. 26, 13 7:48 AM

This kind of greed-driven nonsense lies behind every inflated health care dollar Americans spend. We all need health care. It's vital to our survival. But unfortunately we created a system in which an army of MBAs and experts have free rein to spend all day coming up with new ways to charge us for it. US health care is the hidden cost in everything we buy and sell and make. It's a huge contributor to the national debt, and a big reason our labor force has trouble competing internationally. We need to start moving to a national single payer plan that standardizes some costs and regulates this kind of brazen profit-seeking, not because a single payer plan is without problems, but because the current system is just not affordable any more.

cjones1960Feb. 26, 13 7:50 AM

The author didn't include that Minnesota Oncology is partly owned by McKesson the 14th largest company in the United States. They can come in, build multiple cancer centers, put Minnesota Radiation Oncology out of business and then jack up the prices as they would be the only shop in town. Texas Oncology, another partly owned doc shop of McKesson's ran everyone else out of business and are the one players in Texas. For profit medicine at the expense of patients.


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