Minneapolis' Uptown boom causing tension

  • Article by: Randy Furst , Star Tribune
  • Updated: February 26, 2013 - 9:40 AM

Many residents eagerly embrace the new glitz, but for others it’s a rude (and expensive) transformation.

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tomjoadFeb. 25, 13 9:08 PM

How about some new affordable apartments, instead of just luxury apartments.

biggersmallFeb. 25, 13 9:20 PM

People want high-end urban, but not the noise, traffic, expense, or parking issues. Sorry, butthis is what actually contributes to our faux-Manhattan and is what appeals to hip professionals with cash to burn. There are many more affordable rents to pay in more affordable/less cool places to live.

groover6Feb. 25, 13 9:20 PM

I think a Wal-Mart would thrive in Uptown. Bring it on!!

ginny6Feb. 25, 1310:16 PM

the chain stores move in and my shopping moves elsewhere. do not, will not patronize those in that neighborhood. send 'em out to the burbs.

endothermFeb. 25, 1310:18 PM

I spent much of my early 20s in Uptown, but now I usually avoid the place. Traffic is bad and parking is often a nightmare, especially if there is a snow emergency. It has been this way for a long time, but it does seem to be getting more crowded, more dangerous, more inconvenient. To me, it's just not worth it anymore.

thatchioFeb. 25, 1310:31 PM

The perennial discussion...change in Uptown. Wouldn't normally advise an employee to go on the record saying that they think the business lost its charm after their employer spent a fortune renovating their business because the springs don't poke people anymore.

josepht83Feb. 25, 1311:01 PM

I moved back home to the Uptown area of Minneapolis in 2008 after spending 7 years in the military. I moved back to uptown because it had such an eclectic and diverse feel to it. In the last 5 years though the scene has become more homogenous and commercialized. It was a place where hipsters, baristas, pot heads, and line cooks sat next to business men, and adjunct professors. Where aspiring rappers sat next to punk rockers, starving artists, and tattooed bikers. Now I seem to only run into mid-level execs and cubicle hobbits from Target, US Bank, Wells Fargo, and General Mills. The diverse groups of friends that would fill the bars every friday and saturday are now just white transplants from the 3rd and 4th ring suburbs. All the restaurants are now owned by a small number of investment groups or executive chefs who have a formula that makes most of the places feel like carbon copies of the place just down the street. Live music by local bands and DJ's have been replaced by hacks that show up with a set of cheap speakers and an iPod. And while the beer selection has grown to my liking you'll notice that there has been almost no innovation in the cocktails in this portion of the metro. Instead they just slapped a new name on it and charge $10 instead of $6. The small start-ups and mom n pop shops are gradually giving way to the North Faces and Apple Stores. The total some of all of the above will equal the eventual decline of uptown. People move to the area because its different. But I ask you this. What will attract people to a place whose current trajectory will lead it to be a glorified suburban strip mall whose culinary and retail venues are the same as that in Southdale, Ridgedale, and all the other malls?

joseupieFeb. 25, 1311:09 PM

Yeah, the charm suffered a hard blow when 'Smiling Moose' left. And 'Figlio' was it's last breath. All this development is way better than the alternative-run down and broke. Time to accept a new normal--I think it's great.

eskimo918Feb. 25, 1311:12 PM

Just bring back the Uptown Bar! That place was an institution of greatness.

nicolletparkFeb. 25, 1311:12 PM

The biggest problem with uptown is the traffic and parking. If you live within 5-6 blocks of lake and Hennepin you can't find parking for nothing close to your house. Then they have the art fair and you can't get out of Uptown for 3 days. Now they are building all of these huge condo/apartment complexes and there is even less parking and more traffic. It's just getting to the point where if you live in uptown you are better of with a bike, a bus pass and two feet.


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