'Harlem Shake' dispute: Westonka school must explain

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  • Updated: February 25, 2013 - 8:53 PM

Westonka leaders should share evidence supporting suspensions.

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nemarollerFeb. 25, 13 9:05 PM

Too bad kids... Life is unfair... Sometimes you're wrongly accused. Chalk it up to a life lesson, and be glad it's only something as mundane as school suspension.

arspartzFeb. 25, 13 9:34 PM

Jumping on and off of the tables is not vandalism? Life is not a musical.

crmbpatFeb. 25, 1310:02 PM

Data privacy. Doesn't matter what you or others think you deserve as an explanation. Data privacy...data privacy...data privacy.

strib1991Feb. 25, 1310:02 PM

let's lighten up a little...kids will be kids. no harm, no foul, play on.

lechevalier5Feb. 25, 1310:14 PM

Unfortunately, while our schools of higher learning are seeking the best and the brightest, our high schools are being managed by dimwits!

amk8930Feb. 25, 1310:29 PM

"But they do not appear to be throwing anything, hurting anyone, vandalizing property or otherwise doing anything illegal." _______________________________________________ If you jump on and off a table, you can fall and hurt yourself. What if someone was to fall and break their arm or leg?

bombo52Feb. 25, 1310:30 PM

Try dancing on the tables at your local Applebee's and see how it works out for you. Let's see how successful your parents are in demanding that your "expulsion" from the restaurant is overturned or that your disorderly conduct citation is withdrawn.

switchitFeb. 25, 1310:34 PM

Maybe this was misreported originally (or I'm dreaming I read this) but I thought a teacher was involved in that he/she authorized the kids to go to the cafeteria to do this (as part of some video submission contest). If true, why isn't anyone stepping back and asking about the judgement call of the teacher to allow this to happen in the first place? In other words, if a person of authority in this case gave the kids the go ahead to do this it would be a little baseless to go after the kids after they were told by Mr/Mrs so-and-so that it was alright to do. Any confirmation on this?

lettem01Feb. 25, 1310:37 PM

While the students may have been justly suspended the reluctance of the administration to detail what rules were actually broken only fans the flames. The reliance on the "data privacy" excuse that is used to justify keeping the public in the dark is getting extremely old. There must be ways to provide details without stepping on the rights of those involved.

louloubelleFeb. 25, 1311:13 PM

Glad the AD got suspended! Sometimes adults on power trips make very bad decisions. These hockey students have dedicated thousands of hours to practicing and this was their big game at the end of the season. The parents have spent thousands and thousands of dollars. This was a dance! No one was hurt. They were doing a class project on it. IF things did get out of hand, then talk to the kids and their families. Calling police? Suspension for two days? Not allowing the kids to play or even attend the game? This was the playoffs. This is absolutely an unreasonable punishment. I would be furious if I was one of their parents. I am furious as it is!


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