Obama argues against spending cuts on trip to Virginia drawing criticism from Republicans

  • Article by: NEDRA PICKLER , Associated Press
  • Updated: February 26, 2013 - 7:14 AM
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mcleanmFeb. 25, 1310:50 AM

If $80 billion wil affect all of what the White House is trying to frighten us with, what in the world is the rest of $3.7 trillion dollar budget buying us?? Is that where all of the BS like studying the mating habits of the striped monkeys on Guam is buried???

kilofoxFeb. 25, 1310:53 AM

Compromise? Obama's idea of compromise is more taxes and phony spending cuts. I say let's see what happens when the cuts go into effect. Then maybe Chicken Little won't be able to scream the sky is falling again.

dmulville72Feb. 25, 1310:55 AM

Our current batch of lawmakers and the President are horrible procrastinators. They are all playing chicken with the economy and it will hurt everyone. We all need to stand up and demand that both sides start using their heads and stop blaming each other. They are all at fault, its only fitting that they all swallow their pride and fix this. Even Clinton and Gingrich found a way and I might add did a very good job once forced to work together for solutions.

alr213Feb. 25, 1310:58 AM

The latest in the latest manufactured crisis. So now the impact of the sequester will happen over time, instead of the world coming to end the day after? Must be because even Bob Woodward has called the President out on this canard. Even with the "cuts" we're still spending more than last year. They should go back to Erskine-Bowles.

endothermFeb. 25, 1311:02 AM

The people who say we should let sequestration happen either just don't care or don't know the details of the cuts. Some very damaging and misguided things are about to happen. It is not just "wasteful" government spending that will get cut, medical research and programs that actually make money are also going to get cut. And if Congress forces the shut down of a lab researching something like cancer treatments, we can't just start it up again when politicians stop posturing. Supply chains are broken. Scientists leave for other jobs, often in other countries. This pointless political drama could set the country back by years, hurt lots of people and cost us a lot of jobs. This whole mess could be avoided tomorrow if Congress just agreed to call the whole thing off. But it won't. The Senate might go for it, but Republicans in the House (Kline, Bachmann, etc.) seem determined to mess things up for everyone.

boozlesFeb. 25, 1311:05 AM

Republicans do not understand the word "compromise" and are unwilling to work with the President on a balanced approach of cuts and tax increases because the Tea Party has ruined the GOP. President Obama has already made $2 Trillion in spending cuts. The Bush tax-cuts were allowed to expire for people making more than $400k a year so technically Obama hasn't raised taxes at all, he just allowed the Bush tax-cuts to expire as they were intended to. The onus of this sequester lies solely on the Republicans unless they can work together with Democrats and act like mature adults. Republicans dream of cuts only (Social Security, Medicare) because they want to weaken them to the point of privatizing them so that they can steal the money once it get put into Wall Street. Its NOT going to be allowed to happen.

stjohnsonFeb. 25, 1311:11 AM

One of the Sunday morning talk shows mentioned that these are not really cuts but just reductions on the increases they were expecting.

markspringFeb. 25, 1311:14 AM

Well, it looks like one party in particular has not learned a thing from the last election. The public is looking for balance, but all the Republicans will listen to is cuts and even then, only cuts that they like. Compromise does not appear to be in their vocabulary and I frankly don't that attitude.

nwac72Feb. 25, 1311:19 AM

we just sent 50 billion to New Jersey with no debate. We run an annual 1 trillion plus deficit and we are spending our time pushing back against a rounding error of 85 billion?? Demogoguery at its worst.

HenryRhettFeb. 25, 1311:19 AM

Many Republicans agree with Obama that special interest deductions should be eliminated. But the problem is that they ALREADY raised taxes with no corresponding spending cuts, so politically the Republicans are in a corner - they need SUBSTANTIAL spending cuts in order to compromise. So what they should this time around is ONLY cut spending, and later on - when they are dealing with the pending government shutdown and a new budget - eliminate these deductions along with cuts in entitlement programs - Medicare, etc.


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