BCA stats show self-defense shootings rare for Minnesota permit holders

  • Article by: Brandon Stahl , Star Tribune
  • Updated: February 26, 2013 - 5:09 PM

Illegal discharge by permit holders outnumbers allowed use.

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jshubergFeb. 24, 1310:34 PM

Ummmmm, what exactly was it that was news worthy in this story?

savagedruidsFeb. 24, 1311:09 PM

Not the wild west shootouts opponents of "conceal and carry" predicted. Illegal uses still very high due to lack of punishment.

savagedruidsFeb. 24, 1311:10 PM

I meant to say illegal uses by non-permit holders is still very high due to lack of punishment.

minn12Feb. 24, 1311:36 PM

What is the point of this story? I think the fact that there are so few self-defense shootings is a good thing, and shows how responsible licensed permit holders are in avoiding confrontations. The writer of this story completely fails to mention how wrong all the gun haters like Heather Martens were, when they were screaming to the rooftops how there would be 'blood in the streets', 'shootouts over parking spots', and Minnesota would be the 'wild west'. if the concealed carry law passed. Martens has zero credibility on this issue, and all she does is spout falsehoods. The carry law has been an unquestioned success, despite all the nonsense the anti-gun crowd spouts. In every single state where such carry laws have passed, violent crime has dropped. Of course, to people like Martens, when the same thing happened here in Minnesota (as we predicted), they refuse to acknowlege the obvious connection. The actual crime rate of permit holders is so low, it is almost too small to measure. And THAT'S a fact even Heather Martens can't lie about.

sfcmarkcFeb. 24, 1311:42 PM

One thing that jumps out is that while the people that want to limit permits based on there being do few justifiable uses, the article details that that figure is underreported by both permit holders and law enforcement.

jarlmnFeb. 25, 1312:27 AM

The rest of the story is that there are a GREAT numbers of incidents of gun owners deterring crime without firing a shot. Why then, are these not included in the statistics? It is precisely because gun owners don't want the hassle of questioned and second-guessed about it by "the authorities," so decline to report the incidents. That said, if there were all this prurient "they'll be blood in the streets" Ms. MarTENS and her ilk have been wailing about, surely there would be statistics in Minnesota and other states to back-up her juvenile fantasies.

klondikekidFeb. 25, 1312:28 AM

Let's get one thing straight. The overwhelming...and I mean vast...vast majority of individuals who would take the time/expense to get a registered handgun concealment permit are the same kind of people who will resort to using that weapon only in extreme circumstances. What gun opponents fail to recognize or acknowledge is a simple reality; these are responsible, level-headed people. The mere fact that many Minnesotans' today are prepared to protect themselves, loved ones and personal property is a deterent; period. More to the point, the Constitution of the United States does NOT grant elected officials, too many of whom come up from the ranks of "advocacy" these days, any additional privaledge to alter our rights.

mchristiFeb. 25, 1312:36 AM

The early morning staring contest at a gas station in which a permit holder didn't pull out his gun is an example of how guns protect people? This is supposed to be an anecdote to support carrying guns? The permit holder who told that story surmises something might have happened which didn't. He attributes nothing happening to his own self-confidence, eye contact, and body language. There is a great leap to conclusions here. There may be may reasons that nothing happened (including that nothing was going to happen). One can easily have all that self-confidence without a gun at your side. That anecdote shows nothing but the interesting imagination and thinking of the individual who thinks it's somehow evidence of how merely having guns supposedly allows people to protect themselves.

johndontFeb. 25, 13 1:32 AM

Regarding this gun thing.....if you bent the wheel on your bicycle, would you replace the whole bike or would you just deal with the wheel? If a particular stretch of freeway had more accidents than all the rest of the freeway, would you replace the entire freeway or just deal with that stretch that has the accidents. Same thing with guns. Deal with the criminals and the mentally ill. It's not rocket science is it?

danjFeb. 25, 13 5:26 AM

Gee, nobody has yet pointed out how the 124 crimes committed by permit holders is well over ten times the number of documented crimes committed by these gun permit holders. What I wonder about is how many accidental shootings have occurred over this same time period, along the lines of the pastor mistakenly shooting his granddaughter in Rochester, or kids discovering guns under pillows, or the many other accidental discharges...


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