Anderson: State Rep. Cornish shoots straight from the hip

  • Article by: DENNIS ANDERSON , Star Tribune
  • Updated: February 23, 2013 - 5:29 PM

Plain speaking is a hallmark of Tony Cornish, a state representative most closely tied to gun rights.

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gopher68Feb. 23, 13 5:30 PM

"The background-check system needs to be improved, but it's complicated and it will cost money,'' he said. "If we mandate upgrades to the system, we'll have to get it right, and it's going to cost money." Hmmmm, that kind of stuff didn't seem to bother Cornish and the rest of his gang when they were eager to get the voter ID amendment on the ballot. Now all of a sudden it's very important. Which way is it?

dakmarknetFeb. 23, 13 6:13 PM

A high school education and he is sitting in our legislature. Hunts deer and coyotes out of his back yard, proof he is a real hunter. Looks more like a stool pigeon for the NRA. These are the people the NRA puts on their high priority list to coerce as advocates for their unapologetic agenda. Sadly they don't recognize they are just being used.

th3171Feb. 23, 13 6:31 PM

If you have ever been to the Garden City MN area it's about as back woods hillbilly area as you can find. To support Cornish or his stance on anything means you should move to the deep south.

photogpatFeb. 23, 13 7:54 PM

Calling Representative Cornish a "hillbilly" clearly indicates you've never met the man. Never has a Representative been in office with a clearer view of his constituency's wishes...and never has one been so plain spoken or plain's refreshing. He's also among the most approachable members of Government. Keep it up Tony, we're behind you 100%!!

aj9000Feb. 23, 13 9:25 PM

Thank you Representative Cornish. You not only represent your home district well, you represent so many of us in the rest of the State with elected officials who ignore our interests and reject our arguments.

melabill2Feb. 23, 1311:11 PM

While I don't completely agree with all of his ideas on gun control, I really respect his being so forthright about his views and the people he represents. It is very refreshing to find someone in his position that says what he means, stands behind his statements and explains why he believes like he does. In short, he is a stand up person, We could use more like him in the political arena.

jackpinesavFeb. 24, 13 8:27 AM

Photo says a lot here. Retired fish-cop and now law-maker/small town Mayberry to some who know him over time. Veneer mile wide and milimeter thick. Simple answers to complex problems usually ....aren't! Ask him about education, environmental, tax issues..wait for the pause...Get him a cable show and he may go away.

hawkyankeeFeb. 24, 13 8:28 AM

Very nice how Tony wore the gun pins when Sami Rahamim whose father was murdered testified before him. I guess he's the Ms. Manners of the gun crowd. I have so much to learn.

snomanhdFeb. 24, 13 1:55 PM

To state that Representative Cornish is a hillbilly is to clearly state you don't understand the majority of out-state Minnesota. I come from a small community Hammond, Mn where we have about 34 homes since the flood of 2010. We hold strong to our faith and our US Constitution and our Representative like Tony clearly represents his constituents. You don't need a law degree to be a representative matter of fact when this wonderful country was early in development of its Government it was a personal sacrifice to serve as a Senator or Representative it was not a career but a responsibility. It is refreshing to have Representative Cornish represent his constituents. We are so blessed. Now I don't believe I am a Hillbilly, but I love my country life, my faith and the Constitution that allows for me to be a free woman! Thanks to all the Representatives that truly stand behind their oath of office and Support the Constitution of the US. Even Mayors and Council Persons take this oath as do our Law Enforcement there is a reason for that. 38 Minnesota Senators voted not to this past week. I will take a gun tooting honest Representative any time over those 38.

BugsyFeb. 24, 13 2:42 PM

Thank you Tony Cornish. Your honesty and integrity are a rarity in political circles of today. Keep up the great work! There are many who do not understand nor appreciate our rights and freedoms. You KNOW what is at stake and are willing to fight for it. I'll vote for common sense over a college degree any day of the week.


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