From late planes to dirty parks, administration warns public of impact of broad budget cut

  • Article by: JIM KUHNHENN and TRACIE CONE , Associated Press
  • Updated: February 23, 2013 - 3:08 AM
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bigbadbeanFeb. 22, 13 4:46 PM

Cutting 88 billion out of the 3.7 TRILLION we are spending is no big deal. The scare tactics used by both parties is pathetic.

kilofoxFeb. 22, 13 5:28 PM

Oh no. The sky is falling.

kenmarkFeb. 22, 13 6:45 PM

These are NOT cuts but merely decreases in programed increases for 2013. The down side is we will never know if senior folks playing video games will mess up their minds. Seriously, this is one of the programs that would be cut.

wowjustwowFeb. 22, 13 6:53 PM

Anyone remember when Obama said he would cut the deficit in half when he was running for president? Too bad Obama didn't listen when economists and numerous others warned him that running up trillion plus dollar deficits would cause severe economic woes. I'm so very tired of this guys tactics. You own this economy and everything that comes with it. Time to address YOUR insane spending. I doubt you believe it, but America is much bigger, better, and stronger than you will ever be. It's a shame that despite his record in round one, some people threw out results and voted to re-elect this failure. Now we are four more years from damage control.

g5thistimeFeb. 22, 13 6:55 PM

This is awesome how the President wants to make things as tough as he can on the people that elected him. If we had a true leader gasoline would be about $1.75 a gallon. Just think how the economy would get kick started pumping billions into purchases rather then the oil companies pockets.

benturnerFeb. 22, 13 7:06 PM

re: If we had a true leader gasoline would be about $1.75 a gallon. Just think how the economy would get kick started pumping billions into purchases rather then the oil companies pockets..... So you support nationalizing the oil industry?

drfranktFeb. 22, 13 7:10 PM

Attacks by the Russians, the Chinese, the Aliens. Granny and the children dead in the streets, schools closing, gangs taking over...Oh my, oh my, oh my, whatever shall we do??? Talk about the politics of fear...I believe we are witnessing the king of the politics and the Messiah of Fear...or the Master of Overstatement! Or, just maybe, an outright LIAR!

markc1Feb. 22, 13 7:13 PM

Thank republicans for protecting the rich without caring if it hurts the rest of us!

erikj3Feb. 22, 13 7:18 PM

wowjustwow: surely you're aware (unless you only watch Fox "News") that Obama's spent the LEAST since a certain Republican president named Eisenhower (that commie!). As for the deficit, it's actually gone DOWN since Obama was elected. And, given that he was reelected, I think that shows that people trust him more than Republicans on the economy.

potter101Feb. 22, 13 7:19 PM

The regressives are betting on being able to destroy our economy and degrade the country just so they can say I told you so and think they can make the country believe it was the democrats fault. The party of no that was before the election still knows only one answer.


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