Obama deploys 100 US troops to Niger to set up drone base

  • Article by: JULIE PACE and ROBERT BURNS , Associated Press
  • Updated: February 22, 2013 - 9:10 PM
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liberaleliteFeb. 22, 13 8:47 AM

It's all about protecting resource interests from the Chinese who are heavily investing in Africa. Watch Obama trample on the constitution like every president before him for the past 50 years.

flogicFeb. 22, 13 9:28 AM

I just love how people whine in advance now days. Also, if another powerful nation is bullying their way across Africa, America is supposed to just sit back and ignore that? But in this case that is not even the issue. Niger and Mali have far larger concerns than China. This happens from both sides but those of us in the middle reserve the right to remind the rest of who usually cries first, loudest, and typically wolf. Think before you post, least we think you're crying wolf about everything, or are you?

kydotyFeb. 22, 1310:10 AM

*sigh* Only took one post for someone to say that Obama doesn't have the authority to do this.

redblack30Feb. 22, 1310:30 AM

Congress hardly ever debates major foreign policy questions nowadays. Isn't that part of their job?

tvzzFeb. 22, 1310:49 AM

why does the us still want to be the police of the world? we can't afford it!

firefight41Feb. 22, 1310:53 AM

The Nobel prize committee should be taking back that peace prize they gave Obama.

swmnguyFeb. 22, 1311:37 AM

Some of us have seen this coming for years. If you strip out the Red/Blue, Dem/Repub window dressing, it all fits a pattern back to the Spanish-American War.

Niger is the source of the Uranium in the infamous Yellowcake caper, which led to the Valerie Plame/Joseph Wilson incident. Despite that fact that the allegation that Saddam Hussein was trying to buy Uranium there was a clumsy forgery, Niger is a major producer of Uranium. Also, if you look at a decent atlas, you'll see that area has a lot of gold, diamonds, and of course, Nigeria is right there and has oil.

Add to all this that all of these countries have weak, arbitrary, indefensible borders. And they have weak, vicious governments propped up by the outside interests who want all those natural resources.

And, of course, all these countries, artificially construed by outside powers, have fractious internal ethnic and religious conflicts. That's no accident; "Divide and Conquer" wasn't a new tactic for colonial powers when the Romans used it 2000 years ago.

The Chinese have a lot of money right now, and they need resources. They've gone into all these places and set up business relationships and made huge investments to get access to the natural resources there. They are masters of "soft power." We prefer to use military power, through surrogates as much as possible.

The pattern is pretty clear. You can trace it through Somalia, Ethiopia, Sudan, Libya, and now the Sahel region. The Chinese come in and make the deals and set up the infrastructure. Then shadowy "terrorist groups" show up from elsewhere, and take one side or the other in the latent civil disorders in these countries. Eventually, it blows up big enough that NATO or other US-controlled interests are "forced" to jump in. The Chinese, not so coincidentally, get kicked out and their investments seized. Don't think they don't notice the pattern.

It's the Victorian-Era "Great Game" all over again. It'll be messy.

dlzabzFeb. 22, 1312:02 PM

"The Nobel prize committee should be taking back that peace prize they gave Obama."...what, you don't think that declaring waterboarding bad and then bombing the heck out of women and children using unmanned drones is not peace prize worthy? They shouldn't have been standing there. I mean really, what he meant was that the Bush policies were bad because they didn't go far enough, just a simple misinterpretation. He didn't have to close Gitmo because after some policy changes it is now a world renown Caribbean retreat.

bannedmuggsFeb. 22, 1312:27 PM

What's most concerning about the fact that we now have troops in Africa is that the biased press (like the Star Tribune) does not even make this a headline. The second alarming thing is the liberals who railed Bush for putting boots on the ground anywhere in the world are quiet as mice right now.

elind56Feb. 22, 1312:42 PM

The U.S. government had been desperately searching for an antagonist ever since the Red Menace went belly up. No doubt in my mind that as the Twin Towers fell, there were suppressed smiles all around within the military-industrial complex. And now we're chasing bogeymen around the African bush.


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