Minnesota bill calls for 5-year moratorium on wolf hunting, trapping

  • Article by: DOUG SMITH , Star Tribune
  • Updated: February 27, 2013 - 1:43 AM


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getcrazyFeb. 21, 13 9:51 PM

Other than protecting livestock and pets I see no reason I would want to shoot a wolf. I wouldn't eat one. I don't want or need wolf fur on my wall, floor or as a coat and I certainly don't want to clean one if I'm not interested in any of those things. For the purposes of management I do get the need but I still don't understand the person squeezing the trigger for sport. I just don't get it. It doesn't make sense to me to take a life for the purpose of taking a life. Protection and food I get that. Lifetaking isn't a sport that says much about humanity. Not as far as I can see.

ruphinaFeb. 21, 1310:38 PM

getcrazy- you don't have to se the reason for someone else wanting to shoot a wolf. You claim that you see the need for protecting livestock and pets. We pay a fairly healthy sum for controlling wolves through paid harvest. If there is no reduction in the need for paid harvest after this seasons 413 wolf sport harvest, then we either need to increase the wolf sport harvest, or open it up to allow sport hunters with a license to respond to the people losing pets and livestock during a longer part of the year. Of course, we can alwqys just go back to the SSS method that was going on before legal hunting. (Shoot, Shovel, and Shut-up). Bill G.

JanglesFeb. 21, 1310:44 PM

Obviously an expert on the entire citizenry of Minnesota, Chris Eaton well represents the residents of Brooklyn Center by sponsoring this legislation. Constituents should be thrilled such a locally applicable issue occupies the time of their representative.

jcinmnFeb. 21, 1310:44 PM

come on politicians! Let the DNR do its job. You've been interfering with their work for 12 years now. step aside and let them earn their pay.

ruphinaFeb. 22, 1312:40 AM

Let's just trap all the problem wolves and release them in Brooklyn Center, Wirth Park, Mississippi Valley Refuge, and in the neighborhoods of all the reps from the city that support this bill. It would be really cool to have wolves to see, up close and personal, wolves roaming up and down Minnehaha Creek. Bill G.

ruphinaFeb. 22, 1312:43 AM

Just think, urban wolves could relieve the cities of having to hire sharpshooters to thin the deer, reduce car accidents with deer, solve the feral cat problem, and enforce dog leash laws. Urban Wolves Forever! Maybe I should create a 501(c) so y'all can donate to me so I can lobby for that (and pay myself handsomely). Bill G.

thedanmanFeb. 22, 13 4:11 AM

When did the DNR experts become obsolete? Aside from the gaggle in St. Paul, I thought they actually knew what they were talking about. Kind of like boots on the ground troops standing up for the citizens of MN and saying yeah, it's happening and it's legit. No you say? Here's the unpartisan fact sheet...

voner26Feb. 22, 13 5:33 AM

The fact that so many were harvested shows there was a need for there to be a culling of these predators. The DNR got it right this time and would expect there to be a season on these predators for years to come. Don't shoot them because I don't eat them but saw plenty of them loping around all deer season. Lots of them killed up North where they have completely lost their fear of man by their bold actions of coming right into small towns unafraid.

owatonnabillFeb. 22, 13 6:25 AM

"Hunting and trapping wolves in Minnesota would be prohibited for at least five years under a bill introduced this week at the Legislature." ................ Ain't gonna happen. The Wolfhuggers have for too long falsely equated volume with content. Just because they make a lot of noise does not mean that their cause is worth battling for. MN legislators will represent their constituents and vote this thing down (if it ever even does get to a vote) overwhelmingly.

murphydogFeb. 22, 13 7:00 AM

Mixed feelings--- I guess that I have no objection to hunting wolves, but I also think that letting them be caught in snares is inhumane. I don't want my dog caught in conabear traps either. Just a thought.


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