Universal background checks are focus of Minnesota gun debate

  • Article by: Jim Ragsdale , Star Tribune
  • Updated: February 22, 2013 - 2:18 PM

Police supported expanding background checks to all private gun sales, but the NRA voiced its opposition.

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tupelohoneyFeb. 21, 13 8:10 PM

I can't wait for those who illegally buy guns with the intent of committing crimes to fill out an application and have a background check done on them. I'm sure they will follow the law and it will end all crime committed with guns. Why didn't they think of this sooner? Brilliant. Simply brilliant.

foneboothFeb. 21, 13 8:21 PM

So, according to another writer, the law won't stop people from violating it. Hmmm...let's see, we have laws against theft, against driving drunk, against robbery, against speeding...so, we should just get rid of all those laws because some people break them? Hmmm...perfect, very logical...makes sense to me...think of all the cops we can lay off when we stop prosecuting all these useless laws...

thehoffersFeb. 21, 13 8:26 PM

The politicians will pat themselves on the backs and call themselves "benefactors", then the gangsters who are most responsible for the vast VAST majority of gun crimes will continue to foul our streets.

sharkysharkFeb. 21, 13 8:32 PM

This is just meaningless theater. When they start enforcing the laws we have now we can talk.

jarlmnFeb. 21, 13 8:34 PM

The author of this article erroneously makes it seem that one can blithely click on your browser and buy a firearm through mail-order or the internet. You haven't been able to do that .. legally .. since the days of Lee Harvey Oswald's infamous Carcano rifle! One CANNOT ... through legitimate, licensed firearm retailers, blithely by a firearm via the internet! By already EXISTING law, it must first be shipped to a local gun dealer with a Federal license. That dealer must make the end-buyer do *all* the required state and federal checks and paperwork, no exceptions. If the persons writing these articles would actually do some research on their topic, we will not have all this misinformation flyin around.

rocantrFeb. 21, 13 8:39 PM

When are we going to get back on the topic of the state budget? Something tells me that is a bit more significant than the emotional distraction the gun debate has been causing.

EleanoreFeb. 21, 13 9:14 PM

No registry, no poll tax, no fee for civil right, no Jim Crow. Can you do it or will this be another in a long ling of illegal legislation passed by the Minnesota Legislature.

birchtreeFeb. 21, 13 9:19 PM

Hey Chris, a lot of folks (over 10,000) get slaughtered every year.

FrankLFeb. 21, 13 9:27 PM

So essentially we are then all assumed guilty until we prove ourselves innocent. We are forced to prove we are not a criminal in order to buy a gun. This is not the same as a driver's license, that is to show you can operate a car in public, similar to a conceal carry license.

nrabadFeb. 21, 13 9:42 PM

This is a re-post from a brilliant person that put it in print so well. rjgrones Jan 18, 13 1:11 pm What you say: "Maybe we should talk about gun-control." What they hear: "They're coming to take our guns away!" What you say: "Perhaps regulations should be a little tighter; background checks, waiting periods etc.." What they hear: "They're coming to take our guns away!" What you say: "Going forward maybe we should decrease the size of magazines." What they hear: "They're coming to take our guns away!" What you say: "Maybe we should close the gun show loophole." What they hear: "They're coming to take our guns away!" What you say: "We're not coming to take your guns away." What they hear: "They're coming to take our guns away!" You can't talk to these people. They're irreperably paranoid, and the rational powers of deductive reasoning.. just ain't there. You might as well go talk to the wall folks.. talk to the wall.. etc..


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