Dayton's budget shortchanges education

  • Article by: Sean Nienow and Kelby Woodard
  • Updated: February 20, 2013 - 9:25 PM

Unfunded mandates, new bureaucracies, continuing IOUs ­— no help. Not this time. So when?

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groover6Feb. 20, 13 9:29 PM

Of course we all know, there will never be enough money to satisfy the largest special interest group in the State - big education.

chuckdancerFeb. 20, 1311:20 PM

I guess things look a lot different as a member of the minority party.

comment229Feb. 21, 13 4:38 AM

Forget the rhetoric; just remember, that the same thing these "two" are deploring, is what the republican party created under Pawlenty.

comment229Feb. 21, 13 4:39 AM

I do believe that Mississippi does not have the same problem with education being the largest special interest group in their state. You might want to try it.

elmore1Feb. 21, 13 6:57 AM

Dayton is very confusing. On the one hand he wants to give the education special interest groups a blank check, on the other hand he wants to kick the can down the road on repaying the education fund. Go figure....

savagedruidsFeb. 21, 13 7:03 AM

Now that there is a dfl govenor, dfl'ers don't give a rip about paying back schools. They never did, it was always political talking point used against TPaw.

savagedruidsFeb. 21, 13 7:20 AM

DFL'er campaigned on paying back the schools. I heard dozens of times that that the evil republicans are borrowing from the schools. Now that the DFL is in charge the talk stops. Why?

tacotonyFeb. 21, 13 7:28 AM

Talk about bait and switch, these two legislators want to take $44 million from education and turn it over to private business. {daycare]. Maybe if we could just leave the $44million in the hands of young families they wouldn't require daycare and could afford to stay home with their children. These two legislators would rather line the pockets of their business cronies.

savagedruidsFeb. 21, 13 8:12 AM

Paul Thissen in 2011; The lengths to which this Republican majority will go to protect corporate special interests ... and steal from our children’s future by expanding the K12 school shift. Well Paul why don't you pay it back?

dakmarknetFeb. 21, 13 8:33 AM

More grandstanding by republican legislators. Remember these are the same legislators that withheld $2.4 billion from the schools in the first place. Now they want to show they are the responsible ones? LOL!


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