Minnesota solar industry pushes for utility mandate

  • Article by: David Shaffer , Star Tribune
  • Updated: February 20, 2013 - 7:45 PM

Some electric utilities opposed the proposal that they generate 10 percent of their power from solar panels by 2030.

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garagewineFeb. 20, 13 5:02 PM

If these people devoted the same amount of effort to developing a commercially viable product that they do to public rent seeking, they might actually be able stand on their own two feet.

notforwardFeb. 20, 13 5:09 PM

There are more and more people like this coming out of the woodwork since Obama has taken office. What they all fail to understand is that it's not their role to dictate private business to adhere to their liberal mindset. Take a look at American business since Obama has taken office. Take a look at the net loss of jobs. Take a look at the deficit. Take a look at the billion upon billion of tax dollars that will never be recovered from round one of the solar pork stimulus. Get out of the way of business, and let the businesses do what they do bets. Make money, profits, employ people, and pay a lot of taxes. Liberals will be the end of America.

mrinsideFeb. 20, 13 5:17 PM

More proof of socialism. Government running private industry. Not one government run enterprise is either efficient or profitable. Stop the Mandates, NOW!

panktainterFeb. 20, 13 5:21 PM

Who in the legislature backs this? I couldn't find a link right now. Raising energy costs on the consumer for political legacy will drive many people out of their residences. Who the heck can plan for this? When the economic technology exists make a play, but don't try to mimic other European countries that subsidize everything. We are not Germany.

freedomallFeb. 20, 13 5:27 PM

'The state’s two largest electric companies, Xcel Energy and Great River Energy, said they oppose the measure, citing its effect on customer rates, which the bill said could increase by up to 1.3 percent.' More lies by the greedy Energy companies. What else are they going to say? They KNOW Solar Panels are efficient, they just don't want to lose profits so they make excuses saying that YOUR bill will be higher so that consumers will oppose it. Don't fall for it Minnesotans!

bebebigaloFeb. 20, 13 5:29 PM

Wind and Solar are jokes of an energy source. I am not saying we should be relying on coal, natural gas or nuclear, but come on people we cannot just shut off the generators that supply the base load.

donm251Feb. 20, 13 5:38 PM

We live at a 45 degree latitude. The politicians should be able to figure out that becaseu of that angle, it may provide enough energy 3 months out of the year.

fdrebinFeb. 20, 13 5:42 PM

You elected a legislature and a governor whose collective thought processes can be clinically called 'insane". my question is, if these alternative energy sources are so economical, why do they require mandates and subsidies ( those subsidies come from your electrib bills, by the way) to become viable ? Trivk question. They NEVER become viable, they just transfer wealth to the well connected industies which kick back campain contributions to Democrats.

fuzzyheadedFeb. 20, 13 5:45 PM

Industrial sized wind power installations generate at about $.07/Kwatt while solar costs about $.37/Kwatt. If you are gonna mandate anything it would be wind rather than solar. And anybody talking about the costs of manufacturing, environmental cost hazardous waste by-products produced by manufacturing solar panels, packaging, shipping, installation and maintenance? Or are they just focusing on increased revenue for the producers?

fuzzyheadedFeb. 20, 13 5:47 PM

They KNOW Solar Panels are efficient??? Solar costs about $.37/Kwatt for industrial installations and small installations the cost is more like $.75/Kwatt. I don't know about you but I am pretty happy paying $.08/Kwatt.


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