Ohio woman claims in lawsuit she was fired for voting for President Obama

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  • Updated: February 20, 2013 - 10:29 AM
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avejoeconFeb. 20, 13 9:02 AM

Waste of time and she should have to pay the defendant for all costs. Based on her hire date, she was probably one of the last one's hired.

Besides, she voted for hope and change. Obama's policies caused the business difficulties. She voted for her own demise! I just love it when people get what they vote for!

hawkeye56379Feb. 20, 1310:33 AM

It's hard to believe that a company president would be so foolish as to actually make a statement that the company would retaliate against employees for exercising their rights, but if she can prove that the threat was made, she may win.

firefight41Feb. 20, 1312:24 PM

It's hard to believe that a company president would be so foolish as to actually make a statement that the company would retaliate against employees for exercising their rights *********** A main reason I do not believe her. How did the employer know who she voted for?

hawkeye56379Feb. 20, 13 1:20 PM

"How did the employer know who she voted for?" Could have been a bumper sticker, letter to the editor, lawn sign...

dahutysFeb. 20, 13 1:33 PM

@firefight41, perhaps you should have read the entire story. It states plainly: "Kunkle's vote came up in conversation on Nov. 7, the day after the election, and she was fired Nov. 9." On another note, this is why I think discussing politics and other hairy issues in the office is a very bad idea. It's certainly possible that the layoff was already planned, and it is just a coincidence that it happened right after they learned she voted for a candidate they hated. But the company has now set themselves up for a lawsuit that has a decent chance of succeeding. And even if it doesn't succeed, it costs money, it gives bad publicity, and rumors of vindictiveness make other employees (and future applicants) wonder if they should look for jobs with your competitors.

mercfanFeb. 20, 13 2:19 PM

@hawkeye56379 and @firefight41: Obviously you’re expressing your preconceived opinions. The information you’re questioning is in the story. I don't see how the employer could say that it was for economic reasons - it's not like the defense cuts took effect around the time of the Election, so why was it necessary to start the firing on Nov 9? There has been talk of defense of drastic cuts but that’s all it is right now, talk. Those cuts haven't even been proposed in Congress yet. May not even happen or if they do, may not be as extensive as people are saying. Even without those cuts some military contracts make be out of work just because of technology changes. For example, when the Iraq war started we were dropping thousands of the bunker busting bombs. At some point the strategy shifted from the bunker busting bombs to using drones. The company making the bombs probably lost most of their contracts while the company making the drones gained contracts.

liora51Feb. 20, 13 2:20 PM

You know, I wouldn't normally give this credence but given the virulence of the GOP base toward Obama I don't think it can be disregarded.

tooty123Feb. 20, 13 2:35 PM

There was another employer who stated that if you voted for Obama you would be fired. Don't know if this was the same one, but you cannot be fired for enacting your constitutional right to vote. He shouldn't get any defense contracts if this is the way he conducts business.

mercfanFeb. 20, 13 2:35 PM

Here is a perfect example, story that posted today: Nearly 800,000 civilian workers would be forced to take ONE day of leave PER WEEK without pay IF automatic spending cuts go into effect as scheduled, the Defense Department told Congress Wednesday. The furloughs would start in the last week of April and last for 22 weeks. These people aren't even losing their jobs, one unpaid day per week for 22 weeks. And that's a big IF. This is all posturing. They always seem to reach an agreement at the last minute.

gandalf48Feb. 20, 13 3:02 PM

I suppose it's better that you know you were fired for how you voted rather than being fired for no reason at all. When you vote against business and then you lose your job while working in business you sort of asked for what you got.


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