Climate activist Bill McKibben pushes renewable energy

  • Article by: Bill McAuliffe , Star Tribune
  • Updated: February 19, 2013 - 11:05 PM

McKibben is visiting state to discuss “Preserving Winter.”

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chemnpFeb. 19, 13 9:27 PM

We are not ready to sacrifice some of the comforts for the comfort of our children. Sorry Bill, find someone else who is a bit more far-sighted. We can't even agree that assault rifles cause more carnage in mass shootings and should be banned, so why would we be able to take a scientifically verifiable phenomenon into consideration when we are going about our daily lives?

I know there will be people who say that global warming isn't real, but take a look at the predictions that the models produced from the early 2000s as to how much our climate would warm up in 10 years. It's eerie how close to accurate they are.

jarlmnFeb. 19, 1310:18 PM

Oh please, here we go again. If these "ecological activists" actually knew anything at all about ecology, or about climatology for that matter, they wouldn't be urging us to waste time impotently sticking our fingers in the proverbial dyke with sappy-happy energy policy. If they were indeed serious in believing that climate change is upon us, they should instead prepare for future of our children by lobbying the government to plan to prepare to plant crops in other than our "traditional" areas. The world is littered with dead civilizations who's people got caught with their pants down when the climate changed. Their crops failed and their people starved. We don't need the Energy Department on this problem, we need the Agriculture Department! All's your grandchildren will be able to see under their funny-lookin energy-efficient light bulbs, is that their cupboards are bare! Why none of these supposedly "progressive" and ostensibly forward-looking people can look beyond their noses and see this *real* impending disaster, is beyond me.

eddy0829Feb. 19, 1310:32 PM

Why would this reporter not challenge any of his responses. Did he show up with no info. I believe this reporter should interview Jesse Ventura and have to accept everything he claims. Both are laughable at best.

ctifferFeb. 19, 1310:39 PM

How did Mr. Bill get to Minnesota? I hope he didn't use carbon-based energy. I would like to see this guy's personal carbon footprint. I'll bet he is in the top 0.01 percent of carbon users.

jackster4Feb. 19, 1310:57 PM

This guy is doing a pretty good job of "preserving winter". I just got back from a walk and I can't feel my toes.

yardboyFeb. 19, 1311:31 PM

No more floods, no more hurricanes, no more tornadoes, no more droughts, no more fires, etc. It is amazing what these people think that they can prevent in terms of our weather. No more than a modern day “snake oil salesman.”

exrepublicanFeb. 19, 1311:57 PM

Ok, quick get out the Koch brothers/Exxon-Mobil Talking Points Guide: Climate change is a "Hoax." Transit and trains are "Boondoggles." Wind and Solar are a "waste of money." Fracking is "the Future." More roads to far-flung exurbs are "Progress." And economic growth "can go on forever." Sounds a lot like another industry about 20 years ago: "Science shows that there is no evidence that cigarette smoking causes cancer."

minn12Feb. 20, 1312:35 AM

Wow, is this guy on the kool-aid or what. Hey Bill, answer me this: Most of North America used to be a huge glacier. How did it all melt away ages before there was such a thing as a gasoline engine or coal plant? Please post here with your explanation of such massive 'global warming' before humans so much as had a 'carbon footprint'. I'm waiting.

simplicity1Feb. 20, 1312:39 AM

USA will be the World's number one oil producer in just a few years. We are a net exporter of oil products at this time. We are not having an energy crisis. We are having a perception and lefty biased media crisis. Several European "clean" countries are buying our coal to produce electricity... the same coal Obama won't let us burn. Our economy is on its face because green guys like this have tied our shoelaces together. None of them say a word about the massive pollution coming from the countries which have our former manufacturing jobs such as China, India, and Mexico. But to the Greenies only American is bad, evil, bad. I think Green is the new Commie and the goal is still the failure of America.

rolflindyFeb. 20, 13 3:18 AM

Faith in "unreliables" like wind and solar means you don't have to make tough choices like carbon taxes. Unreliables can do little to meet our energy needs.


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