Coen brothers will shoot next movie in Minnesota

  • Article by: COLIN COVERT , Star Tribune
  • Updated: May 22, 2008 - 11:45 PM

After flirting with Milwaukee, Joel and Ethan Coen will begin shooting their next film in the Twin Cities this fall. "A Serious Man," concerning a Jewish family living in St. Louis Park, has held open casting calls for local talent and scouted locations in and around the area.

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genosubsMay. 22, 08 7:05 PM

Sorry but that just isn't plausible. Why wouldn't the writer think to detail this supposed figure that she throws out there? These handouts are idiotic.

budman52May. 22, 08 7:34 PM

Film crews are rather large and generate revenue through equipment rental; production facility rentals; hiring local crew people, hotels, restaurants, catering, and on and on. Films often shoot for several months and the costs mount up. This is why so many cities compete for major studio films.

genosubsMay. 22, 08 7:50 PM

I fail to see how this filming can possibly bring in $6-7M of NEW revenue to the state. I don't deny that it will create some NEW revenue but I bet it is closer to $1M than $7M.

sbusynMay. 22, 08 7:51 PM

Way to go Cohens! Minnesota is proud of your accomplishments and I personally can't wait for " A Serious Man!!!" Thanks for shooting this film in our great state.

teneuseMay. 22, 08 8:10 PM

Revenue issues aside, I'm not clear what the fact that the Coens are Jewish has to do with anything. By christopher8's logic, wouldn't a film made by a person of _any_ religion that received publicly financed incentives be a violation of separation of church and state? As a proud St. Louis Park native, I'm excited to see what the Coens will do with this film! And very disturbed that the anti-Jewish/anti-SLP sentiment I encountered as a (non-Jewish) kid still seems to exist.

christopher8May. 22, 08 8:16 PM

adriancook you missed the point. im talking about separation of church and state and the flimsty revenue argument by the legislature. not anything else. AT ALL. my argument if you read through my thread is being upset with the money being given to a money maker (read: for profit) rather than to others who truly need this money (eg not for profit ventures). absolutely nothing like what you write. to me its like the stadium issue all over again. i dont see the point.

twilliams55May. 22, 08 8:17 PM

Giving them money to make their film here is the same as building sports arenas for sports franchises. Hmmm...I think the state should pay me for being a resident. I contribute lots of money to the local economy; how much is it worth to be a resident?

jsdlminnMay. 22, 08 8:25 PM

No, it wasn't clear until they got half a million to do it here. I think tax payers should be allowed to see the movie for free.

christopher8May. 22, 08 8:27 PM

we could treat it like an investment. for giving them the half million, the state gets a return on the profits made from the film. now that to me would be fair.

olsonb5May. 22, 08 8:53 PM

that's is the coens in a word. filthy slimey and arrogant are second choices. you are not reflective of minnesota's culture which is "community first". your elite hollywood culture is "me first" it repulses me that my tax money is going to these money grubbers. go back to hollywood


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