Frac sand mining awakens activism in southeastern Minnesota

  • Article by: Tony Kennedy , Star Tribune
  • Updated: February 19, 2013 - 4:00 PM

Amy Nelson joins a swell of protesters demanding study, protection as mining explodes.

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luzhishenFeb. 19, 1312:45 AM

You're gonna reap what you sow, RR fan. Or, as they they say..."The hope that springs eternal, springs right up..." St. Ronald of Reagan was just a chump with a script - and you're just collateral damage to the oligarchs.

sinnigFeb. 19, 13 5:48 AM

Before being reassured by the industrial sand association that the wisconsin DNR saw no need to regulate sand mines, please note that Walker's DNR has been ordered to take a pro- business stance and has a history of letting polluters go unpunished.

lanc3lotFeb. 19, 13 6:21 AM

These people are doing future generations a huge service by trying to protect the state and our water. We all should show our gratitude and donate to their cause. I know I will.

stolaf80Feb. 19, 13 6:43 AM

These are people who want to stand in the way of energy independence because of the view from their backyard. Silicosis is simply a scary red herring they can trot out.

nimrod888Feb. 19, 13 7:05 AM

Could of used her help when the Evil Wind companies were slapping windmills up all over the land in SW Minnesota. What an eyesore for something that does not work! Talk about "raping the land". At least sand fracing is a cost effective way to obtain energy independence. These windmills I must look at daily are so hideous, and have ruined what mother earth once provided us as beautiful prairie lands that used to take your breath away with their beauty.

djs185Feb. 19, 13 7:08 AM

Can't blame them for being concerned about collateral damage,especially when it is your backyard. Everything does need to be ballanced, unfortunatly for some. Otherwise, Gods country is going to hell.

EleanoreFeb. 19, 13 7:10 AM

Good for people who stand up for the environment and our natural resources. if this mining is doing environmental damage, then it's bad for america period. Innovate industry, come up with a better process. Good for those who question corporatism.

fishanhunt2Feb. 19, 13 7:22 AM

America runs on energy. Oil is a huge part of it. The cost and effect of frac sand mining is part of the price we pay for our energy dependence. I suspect the "Sky Is Falling" mentality of these activists will prove to be more alarming than the actual cause and effect of frac sand mining..

skylinerbrFeb. 19, 13 7:26 AM

So, unanswered is the question: Is this activist still a RR Republican, against regulations and convinced government is not here to help?

lenovoFeb. 19, 13 7:41 AM

Keep applauding these misguided activists and continue to watch your gas prices soar. How are companies like Solyndra working out? Until so called "green power" is economical to produce, these activists will only continue to drive your cost of living up.


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