Five myths about manufacturing jobs

  • Article by: Ro Khanna , Special to the Washington Post
  • Updated: February 18, 2013 - 10:42 AM

Why you should care: Manufacturing is essential to our economic and technological future.

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sharkysharkFeb. 18, 1311:11 AM

Good article!

FrankLFeb. 18, 1311:19 AM

At the same time the liberals are busy trying to strangle manufacturing with high energy prices in the name of global warming. Meanwhile China opens a new coal electric plant every week.

beebee82Feb. 18, 1311:47 AM

"Meanwhile China opens a new coal electric plant every week."

Riiight, which hasn't created any problems for them at all (insert eye-roll here). The smog-covered cities and residents walking around with oxygen masks is something we should emulate!!

jcinmnFeb. 18, 1312:29 PM

"... On average, full-time manufacturing work pays 20 percent more than full-time service-sector jobs. " That makes full-time manufacturing work 20$ higher than minimum wage but still below the poverty level. What makes this worse is that the $100,000 jobs are pulling the lower paying jobs up which makes them pretty much at minimum wage.

yomammyFeb. 18, 1312:29 PM

"... employment in services is expected to reach 129 million jobs, with education and health care growing most quickly." Ok...I understand why health care jobs are going to grow with our aging population...but it seems counter intuitive for education jobs to go up. I guess thought that the number of kids in and going to enter the school system would be on a decline....or am I incorrect in this?

jcinmnFeb. 18, 1312:35 PM

"Apple has said that it is investing $100 million in new U.S. plants - a move hailed as bringing manufacturing back to our shores. " Isn't this the same Apple that moved it's official headquarters off shore to avoid paying income taxes on those huge iPhone and iPad profits? BIG WHOOPY! This only tells me that Apple manufacturing is only here temporarily until all of the immigrant labor gets paid the new minimum wage

jcinmnFeb. 18, 1312:39 PM

"We also must help keep manufacturers at home through tax incentives, attract immigrants and better prepare a skilled workforce." What more incentives do they need? They're already paying 5% of the total revenue collected by the Federal Treasury while working America pays 50%.

jcinmnFeb. 18, 1312:44 PM

FrankL "At the same time the liberals are busy trying to strangle manufacturing with high energy prices in the name of global warming. " Ah! A true conservative! Wants us back 150 years where Beijing is today. Go to Beijing, don a respirator and enjoy the smoke and smog. Better yet go to LA and ask the people who suffer through the smog alerts occasionally.

yomammyFeb. 18, 1312:47 PM

Ok...I did a little research, and according to the National Center for Education Statistics (primary federally funded) and what it shows is they are projecting a steady 1% growth year over year until at least 2021....but I still don't quite understand why someone can stated that this is going to be the area of job growth that will grow most quickly....

yomammyFeb. 18, 1312:58 PM

jcinmn "Ah! A true conservative! Wants us back 150 years where Beijing is today." AH! A true liberal, taking something they don't agree with, twisting it out of proportion, and throwing it out there like they are intellectually superior. Not sure if you've looked lately, but one of the BIGGEST problems this country is facing today is the cost of energy be energy needed to drive cars, buses and trains, or energy needed to run a business. Correct me if I'm wrong here, but it doesn't seem like Obama wants to do anything about it like authorize the Keystone pipe line. In fact, he wants to enact MORE taxes (carbon for instance) which will only serve to make things worse fir businesses!


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