Study says HOT lane could ease congestion on 35W in northern burbs

  • Article by: Tim Harlow , Star Tribune
  • Updated: February 18, 2013 - 11:36 AM

Study results will be presented during open houses on Tuesday and Thursday.

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ken51mFeb. 17, 13 5:45 PM

Is there a link to the study. It would be nice find out what the study compares the easing of congestion to. Was it a comparison of adding an extra no toll lane free lane to a toll lane? Or was it doing nothing verses adding a toll lane? It wouldn't take much of a study to find out adding a lane, even if it costs money, would reduce congestion, but if the study can show that making people pay to drive in a certain lane is better than driving in the same amount of lanes for free, that would be a study I would like a link to.

freedubayFeb. 17, 13 6:00 PM

What does HOT stand for?

BallFourFeb. 17, 13 6:05 PM

The problem with HOT lanes is they are filled with Volvos, Mercedes, BMWs, Lexuses and Audis. And all those people speed. If the lanes were policed, Minnesota would gain some tax revenue and make a point that the privileged can buy only so many privileges.

mandansmomFeb. 17, 13 6:22 PM

Of course, another lane will help ease things either way. But how to buy it? HOT is the only realistic answer. It would also help if there were useful public transportation options. I live in New Brighton. I can drive to work most days between 20 and 25 minutes, driveway to parking spot. The bus takes 70-90 minutes, and includes a frigid stand on a downtown corner of at least 10 minutes, or a single "express bus" at 6:30 AM. Not much option there.

nogophersFeb. 17, 13 7:06 PM

how about finishing 494 in Plymouth first?

joe_mnFeb. 17, 13 7:15 PM

Wow. U think posters here will come up with a magic idea to solve congestion? Hmm, ADD a lane? Wow. What a great idea.

erikj3Feb. 17, 13 7:24 PM

You know what else could ease congestion? More light rail!

reader2580Feb. 17, 13 7:24 PM

How about just adding a lane or two that everybody can use? A toll lane isn't utilized 100% like a general purpose lane would be.

KepmeisterFeb. 17, 13 7:42 PM

Should have added lrt from downtown to Burnsville. And don't add one lane, if you going to do it, do it right - add two lanes.

huggybear28Feb. 17, 13 7:52 PM

HOT is "High Occupancy Toll" which is also known as MnPASS in the metro area. The term is used to identify lanes that under specified times are free to high occupancy vehicles (2+ occupants) and any single occupant vehicles can use the lanes for a toll. The difference of HOV lanes (High occupancy vehicle) versus HOT lanes is that a single occupancy vehicle cannot use the HOV lane during the specified times. HOT lanes allow single occupant vehicles to use the HOV lane as well.


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