Hagel's GOP opponents say vote on his Pentagon nomination should go ahead despite concerns

  • Article by: DARLENE SUPERVILLE , Associated Press
  • Updated: February 18, 2013 - 2:57 AM
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liora51Feb. 17, 13 9:51 AM

The Republicans have angered more than just Obama. The congressional approval ratings are over 68% negative.

markc1Feb. 17, 1310:00 AM

The GOP might as well give in on this issue, public opinion is not on their side with anything right now and fighting this issue will only make them even more unpopular.

liora51Feb. 17, 1310:03 AM

Very few democrats would consider Hagel's criticism of Bush a problem. FGS.

jimjimjimjimFeb. 17, 1310:42 AM

Did liberals protest when democrats filibustered Bush judicial nominees? Did any of you listen to Hagel at the hearings? Have any of you read his papers or listened to his speeches? Obviously not.

jimjimjimjimFeb. 17, 1310:43 AM

"The GOP might as well give in on this issue, public opinion is not on their side" Most low information voters on the democrats side have no interest in anything but how much they get each month in a check from the government.

davidf69Feb. 17, 1311:40 AM

Dems have short memories did they forget what they did to John Bolton. Like they say pay backs are hell

gophypocriteFeb. 17, 1311:47 AM

A decorated combat vet who earned a purple heart. What a change from the Republican chickenhawks like Chaney, Bush, and Lindsey Grahm who never heard a shot fired in anger. These people continue to push us into wars where average joes and jills are killed whild their kin get cushy jobs in the military or opt out of service altogether. The Republicans are a sad joke on the American people.

shadowman7Feb. 17, 1312:37 PM

John McCain went from self-styled maverick to clown when he chose Sarah Palin as his vice president. When clowns make judgments about serious matters such as whether a person is qualified to be Secretary of Defense, the proper response is laughter.

jmek54Feb. 17, 13 1:08 PM

This is yet another example of the Republicans continuing to "dig their own political graves." The American people are slowly,but surely, waking up to the simple fact that whatever or whomever President Obama supports, the Republican Pary will stand against. For the most part, in my opinion, the policies of the Obama administration exude common sense and should therefore should appeal to most like-minded Americans. The people of this country want constructive action. However, the profound stonewalling tactics of the Republican Party on just about every issue are not at all in the interest of the American people, and more and more we are reading and hearing comments of this nature. The GOP's reputation is growing and will continue it's downward, one-way slide, unless they can make an abrupt about-face soon.

endothermFeb. 17, 13 1:15 PM

Everybody knows that Hagel will get approved if Republicans let him get an up or down vote. Everybody also knows that this is going to happen sooner rather than later. People also knew this last week. Republicans just wasted a bunch of time and a bunch of taxpayer money to play political games and punish Hagel for not being a loyal zombie.


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