Jordan answers Newtown by sending police into schools

  • Article by: HERÓN MÁRQUEZ ESTRADA , Star Tribune
  • Updated: February 16, 2013 - 10:05 PM

A bold new security plan relocates police to offices in all of Jordan's schools.

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justbecauseFeb. 16, 1310:40 PM

This is Jordan, we do what We like.

rocket1Feb. 16, 1311:59 PM

That picture sure looks like the little boy has his hand on the officer's gun. Good?

johndontFeb. 17, 1312:37 AM

I'm sure Jordan did their homework before they acted on this decision, and I do like the innovative idea of relocating their offices to all of Jordan's schools, and I don't think the Jordan police are adding much additional expenses to their budget by doing what they are doing. Having said that, I personally think it is somewhat of an overreaction....I think the chances of any given American school having a problem like Sandy Hook did is very low, however, if some crazy person(s) is looking for a good place to create some havoc, they would now probably pass on the idea of carrying it out in a Jordan school.

jdubya12Feb. 17, 13 1:40 AM

Honestly, with this logic, there really should be an armed officer on every school bus for every route as well. Increased patrols near every bus stop and armed police roaming high school sports facilities.

asdfasdfFeb. 17, 13 6:20 AM

I don't see anything revolutionary here... Many districts have had police liaison officers housed in their buildings for years.. My school has had one for almost 10 years.

chuckdancerFeb. 17, 13 7:07 AM

This is a silly plan. I think that it was proven in California during the Dorner affair that more guns are not the answer to murderous rampages. The answer is to remove the guns. The dead police in California all had loaded guns in their possession when they were murdered by gunshot. Having an office in a school makes nobody safer even if the officer happens to be actually at the school, which obviously will not be the case much of the time. As long as the Dorners of the world have access to high power, high capacity weapons everybody is at risk. And, I don't believe Dorner was a "criminal" before he murdered. Nor was Lanza in Newtown.

Willy53Feb. 17, 13 7:16 AM

My wife, from Chicago, had police roaming their halls 40 years ago. This idea for a town like Jordon is absurd. The presence of an officer will not deter a shooter. If a student wants to carry out a multiple shooting in Jordon, they'll do it in spite of a policeman in the storage closet or one watching them enter the building with a backpack with hundreds of other students with back packs. Spending money on metal detectors would be more productive and maximize the impact of the new entrances. Jordon has shown that they are not thinking innovatively, just hysterically, in reacting to public shootings. Jordon police would save more lives by setting up speed checks or periodic DWI checks. Bad policy reaction to a problem that needs a national approach. Conservative budget hawks should be dismayed by this irresponsible spending that has no chance of success.

skalocFeb. 17, 13 7:32 AM

I did some Substitute Teaching many years ago for District 196 (Eagan, Apple Valley, & part of Burnsville). They had a police office in the Mendota Ridge School where I spent 50% of my time. Yes, the school had troubled children, but the younger children mostly felt safer just seeing the officer.

Rick LarsenFeb. 17, 13 7:49 AM

So what if the kid has his hand on the officer's gun. It can't be fired in a holster.

libertyformeFeb. 17, 13 7:51 AM

I can only hope that Minneapolis will provide this type of security for my children.


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