Clothing sales tax has uncertain price

  • Article by: THOMAS LEE and ADAM BELZ , Star Tribune staff writers
  • Updated: February 17, 2013 - 6:45 AM

Gov. Dayton seeks to tax big-bucks clothes, an idea that strikes fear in some retailers.

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rsothmanFeb. 16, 1310:23 PM

We come to the Twin Cities every year from Las Vegas to shop for clothing. We enjoy the Twin Cities and all it has to offer We love the fact there is no sales tax on it, so we make a big list during the year and buy as much as possible while on vacation there. BUT, we do buy a lot of other things that do have tax on it in restaurants and other shops at the Mall of America. By levying this tax, we may have to rethink this annual sojourn, at least as far as clothes buying goes.

kellymhouseFeb. 16, 1310:31 PM

Maybe the Dayton family can stop hording money in the tax shelter of South Dakota and bring that money back to MN if he is so set on raising revue opposed to cutting spending.

alayne1Feb. 16, 1310:48 PM

The message from the governor is clear: football stadiums are a necessity, but clothing is an extravagance.

LauralundFeb. 16, 1310:57 PM

So, people spend hundreds of dollars in gas or airfare to come to Minnesota to buy tax-free clothing? Do we have empirical evidence to support that claim? It seems the 40 states that tax clothing sales have plenty of successful shopping malls.

Marshall579Feb. 16, 1311:21 PM

It seems odd there would be no tax on a $100 item but full tax rate on a $101 item (per the proposed "more than $100" criteria)? Am I missing something here? How about only apply tax to the amount over $100? Seems like a good compromise to me.

brianabbeFeb. 17, 1312:53 AM

$100 may seem like a lot on jeans, shirts and such, but $100 is nothing for a good winter jacket. Short of going to Plato's or Goodwill, you can't find a good jacket for under $100.

mjcmspFeb. 17, 13 2:40 AM

Oh boo hoo. I'm sorry, but this is just ridiculous first world problem whining. Oh no you can afford to buy a $300 dress but heaven forbid you have to pay that extra $21 in sales tax. I feel SOOOO bad for you. Go spend some time in a third world country and then get back to me on how much you want to whine about sales tax.

corngo4rFeb. 17, 13 3:52 AM

To tie the spending for out of stater is a joke. a 300 dollar plane ticket would take 6000 in clothing purchases be on the same level. In coming back home, it takes 30 in gas just to get to and from the boarder into the city,let a lone across the state so I really can't see the tax in itself being the limiting factor. And the Chicago transplant, there is plenty of name brands you can get at reasonable prices there and still pay a tax. There are plent of foriengers that flock to Chicago just to shop (check out the outlet malls)because things are astronomically expensive outside the US. Lobby the state to promote the mall more through tourism and make the tax work to the state's advantage.

marcymmbFeb. 17, 13 5:55 AM

How about not taxing clothing period.

DLBabatzFeb. 17, 13 5:56 AM

What is odd is that a liberal governor is championing a proposal to implement the regressive sales tax on clothing.


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