St. Croix bridge tolls, higher gas tax may be ahead

  • Article by: PAT DOYLE , Star Tribune
  • Updated: February 16, 2013 - 10:02 PM

Commanding new power in the Legislature, DFLers look for ways to raise more money for transportation.

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turgidFeb. 16, 1310:44 PM

Tolls are a great idea on that bridge. It was built so people can live in Wisconsin, work in the Twin Cities, and dodge Minnesota taxes. A toll makes perfect sense.

mattaudioFeb. 16, 1310:48 PM

$3 toll isn't enough to cover the cost of this boondoggle. Based on amortization length, cost, and expected traffic the toll would have to be between $8 and $22 per crossing to actually cover the true cost of this bridge. And that's without even considering the bonding expenses.

jhb8426Feb. 16, 1310:58 PM

Looks like they're still looking for ways to throw up more roadblocks and kill that bridge.

pipdipchipFeb. 16, 1311:05 PM

Raising the gas tax 40 cents over 20 years? Man do I love the DFL.

groovemonkeyFeb. 17, 1312:14 AM

So much for this MN-DFL working FOR the people. Tax. Spend. Tax. Spend. Give each other a raise and no soul. It just goes to show that all politicians are crooks and will bleed us dry sooner than later. If you wanna raise money, charge WI for half the cost and have a bake sale for the rest...just like the Girl Scouts. Problem solved.

arspartzFeb. 17, 1312:27 AM

What percentage of then construction costs of the light rail system are paid by ticket revenues? None. The tickets done even pay the cost of operating the service, let alone pay for the infrastructure.

stevedelappFeb. 17, 1312:30 AM

If the Federal Gov't can vote to allow this monstrosity to tower over the St. Croix River, then the Federal Gov't can allow Minn to apply a bridge toll. This has been a viable option for at least 15 years, but was rejected by MnDot time and time again. However a $3 toll is grossly inadequate. It needs to be high enough to eliminate induced development and to compensate the cities along Hwy 36 for the serious damage being done to their residents quality of life. MnDot is already closing on busy interchange in Lake Elmo and making another intersection include a high speed, 1 mile detour. And that's just for starters. Since the entire bridge project is completely in violation of the Met Council's land management policies, additional compensation should be extracted for remediating the damage to sound land use practices, particularly those impacting water quality of the St. Croix, such as an increase in untreated surface water runoff and an increase in the discharge from sewage treatment plants -- the discharge we boat and swim in.

metalixFeb. 17, 1312:47 AM

turgid: If you live in WI and work in MN, you pay MN income tax. (You file in both states and deduct taxes paid to MN on your WI filing. Really it's WI losing money on the border jumpers.)

rlwr51Feb. 17, 13 1:09 AM

Why not just scrap the whole thing? Biggest boondoggle ever.

rlwr51Feb. 17, 13 1:12 AM

Why not just charge every man, woman and child in Minnesota and Wisconsin $60 and be done with it? That will at least cover the bridge, maybe not the add-ons though.


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