Real recycling starts at home

  • Article by: MIKE BERKOPEC
  • Updated: February 17, 2013 - 4:47 PM

Once it's in the trash and hauled away, it's too late. Little will be captured.

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TeddyWelshFeb. 17, 13 4:58 PM

My husband and I recycle everything tat we can. At this point I wish our trash hauler collected the recycle weekly because our can is full. The garbage could be collected every other week instead as our garbage can is seldom full on a weekly basis.

mdcastleFeb. 17, 13 5:24 PM

Last time I checked recycling was required, though unlike some areas Big Brother isn't rooting through our trash or putting RFID chips in our recycling containers to make sure they're taken out. But yes, making it easier is a key. It's not hard for me to keep two bins in the kitchen, one for recyclables and one for garbage like has been standard out in the burbs, but to make people sort glass by color, seperate glass from metal, etc like Minnepolis used to do is ridiculous.

mockingyouFeb. 17, 13 5:59 PM

yeah, it's a bit backwards for trash to come every week and recycling to come every 2 weeks. we produce about 4x more recycling volume than trash.

gophfan10101Feb. 17, 13 6:21 PM

Recycling? Sorry, but I only throw in the garbage. You tree huggers can waste your time sorting through your stuff to put it in a bunch of bins, I would rather not.

rlundl02Feb. 17, 13 6:26 PM

We bought a vertical stack of four plastic drawers at Home Depot. The city sent us some stickers. With those, the drawers become Official Recycling Receptacles. You bind up the newspapers in twine and carry it out as with office paper and magazines, cardboard and boxboard bound up separately. That’s the drill. It's 15-20 minutes every two weeks. Everyone has that time.

greywolfFeb. 17, 13 6:28 PM

Recycling? Sorry, but I only throw in the garbage..... There is so much to say about this statement but it could not be done here. Rather than being so closed minded, you should educate your self on this subject. Recycling is an economic engine in Minnesota and other placed. There are six more jobs created by recycling than the one job by landfilling this material. I wish you could see that...

mnbusdrFeb. 17, 13 6:55 PM

It will be nice when Minneapolis gets around to implementing no-sort in our neighborhood. Weekly pickup is also a must. We have a big family in a small house and generate a lot more recycling in two weeks than we can store. Once the containers are full, everything else goes in the trash.

lenny7Feb. 17, 13 7:31 PM

" Residents should be required to recycle. " - No, we shouldn't.

lenny7Feb. 17, 13 7:33 PM

"There are six more jobs created by recycling than the one job by landfilling this material" - Further proof that recycling is not an efficient way to go. Creating job is not necessarily a good thing. These are jobs that do not contribute to the standard of living. They are make-work jobs.

alanam8Feb. 18, 13 1:08 AM

Nothing quite gets on my nerves like a home recycler bragging about how their recycling bins are overflowing. As if that's good for the environment. Want to do something really sustainable? Stop buying so much stuff that has to end up in a recycling bin. Reduce, re-use, and THEN recycle.


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