Expect Obama betrayal on Keystone XL pipeline

  • Article by: Bonnie Blodgett
  • Updated: February 16, 2013 - 6:37 PM

The pipeline will accelerate climate change, yet Obama's going to cave.

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allhailfsmFeb. 16, 13 7:05 PM

It will also raise the price of Gasoline in the midwest, since the whole purpose of the pipeline is to get the oil to Texas where it can be shipped to international buyers.

The reason the investors want to sell the oil internationally is that there is too much of it for the American market, and the current pipeline only goes to refineries in Oklahoma. No ports in Oklahoma, last I checked.

You might wonder who the investors are who will get richer by shipping Canadian Oil across America to get to the Gulf of Mexico.

The answer should not surprise you. The Chinese are investing in Canada and the Saudis are investing in the other end in Texas.

So, while our right wing GOP shouts Drill Baby Drill to solve our energy crisis, their real goal is to ship it OUT OF OUR COUNTRY, and to enrich the Saudi and Chinese investors at our expense, and at risk to our environment.

Do you think the Saudis and the Chinese will show up to clean oil when it spills into Oklahoma, Texas or Nebraska? Not a chance.

trevorbareFeb. 16, 13 7:17 PM

In deciding what is best, shouldn't we think about the alternative to the pipe line to Texas? Wouldn't it be Canada finding a different route? Maybe less efficient, using more energy? Maybe they could go to the west coast and ship the oil to China. I am no expert on this one, but the way I see it is that Canada already made the decision to burn this oil, not Obama.

kilofoxFeb. 16, 13 7:18 PM

Sob. My tears are flowing down my face. Those evil rich oil companies are going to destroy us all.

dibblegonFeb. 16, 13 7:54 PM

Burn fossil fuels. For those of you who dont like them, dont use them. Lets see if you can resist being hypocrites!

erikj3Feb. 16, 13 8:00 PM

If this is approved, we're toast. Very burnt toast.

jcrew45Feb. 16, 13 8:37 PM

Allhaif quote: 'It will also raise the price of Gasoline in the midwest, since the whole purpose of the pipeline is to get the oil to Texas where it can be shipped to international buyers....' I know its hard for some to stay on the up and up, but this is a totally false statement and I would consider that whenever I read any of this posters future fiction. The XL pipeline will bring in Canadian oil, but it will also help to alleviate the transportation problems with getting oil out of North Dakotas fields. The pipeline runs to Texas because that is the only state with excess refinery capacity. According to the industry experts, about 15 - 20% of the oil may be exported as mostly refined product to Mexico and Central America, as they lack refinery capacity and expertise. And Trevor, the alternative to XL is to have Canada ship the oil to their coast for export to China and Europe. That leaves us with fewer options and continued reliance on getting oil from the middle east.

jcrew45Feb. 16, 13 8:42 PM

Quote: 'If this is approved, we're toast. Very burnt toast'..... Yeah, we wouldn't want the jobs or the easy access to oil from a friendly country. You're right or protector of the environment! We should keep bringing oil in from Saudi Arabia with large tankers that cross the ocean burning fossil fuels.

trice01Feb. 16, 13 9:02 PM

The "most irresponsible nation in world history"? Really? Read much history? Take yourself a little seriously, do ya, Bonnie???

dewarfFeb. 16, 13 9:27 PM

I'm expecting Bonnie is a liberal arts major seeking her first job in the 'real world'. But she's disappointed with Obama trying to do something that any executive would do: make a decision based on the best possible outcome for the country (or your business/organization). Sure, she can expect something less from someone with no executive experience or leadership qualities. After all, that's why the liberals elected this guy. He'd read what they wrote on his teleprompter and do their bidding without flinching. After all, he knows no better. Duh!

jeremygielsFeb. 16, 13 9:32 PM

Thank you for your direct and correct take on the outcome of the XL Pipeline. Even though I agree that he will approve this insane project, I will march tommorrow in front of the White House on President's Day. I've been waiting fo a long time for real action on climate change and judging from some of the comments posted here, the average person does not understand the danger we are in. The smear campaign hasd been a total success. For those that think this Tar Muck Oil is good, pick up a copy of William Marsden bestseller book, "Stupid to the Last Drop". If you have no reservations of digging up a landmass the size of the state of Florida to burn, there is something wrong with or morals. Already the tar pit can be seen from outer space (only 4% has been dug). Only a few limited number of investors will get richer. The average Canadian citizen will not, the royalties are modest. This project will not bring many jobs, or lower gas prices or make us energy independent. It will hook us more on unconvential fossil fuels and condemn of children to extreme climate. Agaim, thank you Star Tribune and Bonnie for printing the truth.


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