Trade to Twins upended Worley's personal plans

  • Article by: La VELLE E. NEAL III , Star Tribune
  • Updated: February 15, 2013 - 8:07 AM

Vance Worley had his life in order and was about to propose to his girlfriend when a trade changed everything.

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rodneyklineFeb. 15, 13 1:51 AM

a 6-9 pitcher with a 4.2 era is going to stabilize the Twins rotation. That speaks volumes for the poor job Terry Ryan did improving this years team. Seattle can afford to pay King Felix 175 Million for 7 years but the Twins who desperately have needed an ace ever since Johan left, could not even get into the discussion with Grienke's agents. I don't like how high the salaries have gotten but that is what the market is paying. Terry Ryan needs to go if he won't evolve. The wealthiest owners in baseball can afford to kick in a little more to make the Twins contenders every year. The sad thing is that I think the Pohlad kids would do it if they had a GM that could convince him that spending the money to get an ace would make us a contender. They are not cheap like Terry or their Dad but they are not stupid either. Show them how they can make more money by spending money and they will do it. This dumpster diving is an insult to all Twins fans. I know I could show them how this $80 million payroll is the worst thing they could do. Two strategic big name free agents is all they needed to do to make them competitive and prevent a deep dive in attendance and revenues. An ace pitcher and a solid middle infielder is all they needed above what they have already done. The excitement alone that this would cause in the fan base would pay for those two big name signings. Mauer and Morneau are poised to have huge years this year. This is when you spend money to surround them in their prime. Grienke would have been a great addition as an example. A true ace is so important to have. It makes the whole team better for whatever reason.

jastkeFeb. 15, 13 4:54 AM

First thing, if one is going to borrow the name of a Hall-Of-Famer, the least one could do is get the name right. Rod Carew's middle name is Cline with a "C". Second thing, most baseball people feel the Twins came out ahead in the Revere trade. The Phillies were desperate for an outfielder and gave up more than Revere was worth to get him. Third thing, the Twins could have offered Greinke twice the money he got with the Dodgers and he still wouldn't have signed. Contracts are two way propositions, and he never was interested in the Twins. The same is true for any other hot free agents. Major free agent signings make sense for both the player and the team only if the team is very close to winning big. Everyone who knows baseball knows the Twins are not at that stage now. That's why the most sensible thing for the Twins is to sign journeymen to short term contracts until the minor league level prospects can mature.

howlinjagsFeb. 15, 13 6:08 AM

I'm good w/ the trade and glad to have Worley as a Twin!

larrymickFeb. 15, 13 7:26 AM

Good insight into some of the personal issues players deal with on the business side of the game. Yes, I'm sure it can be a great life, but until you have truly made it, your life can be turned upside down in a moments' notice.

bolock54Feb. 15, 13 8:37 AM

Time for Worley to take the bull by the horns and become the Staff Ace.....they need a big guy in there doing this, and this is his chance......DO ITTTTTTT.....

ruphinaFeb. 15, 13 8:43 AM

Every player like Revere should be traded for prospects. He had no arm and no power. In MLB, that means the ONLY position you are physically able to play is 2nd base. Every other position requires either a better arm or a better bat (or both). As an outfielder, he really isn't major league material. That we got anything for him is amazing. Bill G.

Dantes929Feb. 15, 13 8:50 AM

Revere's speed more than made up for his arm defensively. Ask any pitcher and they would agree. Offensively, if he can get beyond a .350 OBP it makes up for his lack of power. Speed is an asset as well. That said, he hasn't proven he can get on base that often and Hicks is probably just as likely to do so. Therefore, the trade for Worley and Mays was great on paper. I exxpect Worley to be the ace of this staff and to still be a solid rotaion guy if our youngsters develop in the next couple years. Twins did not get him based on his last half of last year but on the basis of the year and a half before that.

manoliveFeb. 15, 13 8:52 AM

Worley had an off year last year with the bone chips, and Ryan hopes he will regain his rookie form. If he can do that, he can become our next ace. Pitching in our cavernous stadium should help. Let's give the new guys a chance to see how they do. Being a last place club the last 2 years leaves lots of room for improvement. Let's be optimistic and hope they find that improvement this year. What choice do we have? We do have some talent on this club. Go Twins!

Dantes929Feb. 15, 13 9:54 AM

"Grienke would have been a great addition as an example. A true ace is so important to have" He had his Cy Young year and was never below 3.47 ERA before or since. Even with his ridiculous Cy Young year his career ERA is 3.77. Does that make him an ace? If he pitched for the Twins many here would translate that into a #3 somehow. I like him and wish we had him but not for that price at that many years. He will be 35 at the end of his contract and as pointed out before it would probably have taken more to get him here if we could have at all. Time will tell, of course.

fwallenFeb. 16, 1311:44 AM

This guy should do well for the Twins and I think we got the best of the Phillies. Revere is a quality guy whose speed made him valuable, but not the prototype outfielder. We need a couple of positions who can hit for the fences to go a Long with the better pitching.


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