Hennepin County balks at road closings near new Vikings stadium

  • Article by: ROCHELLE OLSON , Star Tribune
  • Updated: February 14, 2013 - 10:06 PM

Hennepin officials say plans to close Portland and Park avenues for development near new stadium would limit access to vital services.

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joe_mnFeb. 14, 1311:44 AM

The stadium itself is 6 blocks by 4 blocks in size. Add a perimeter of 2 blocks on each side and you get an idea of the enormous volume this thing will encompass. Just imagine this as the "purple zone". Stay away. Go around. It is an area to be avoided.

fjbarrowsFeb. 14, 1311:59 AM

Is there anything good about the stadium plans so far? This is as stenchy a stadium deal as we've ever seen here in MN, and it may end up rivaling the Miami Marlins stadium deal for worst ever.

CountChoculaFeb. 14, 1311:59 AM

I've never been a big fan of disrupting the urban grid in the name of development. In retrospect, it often turns out to be a bad idea. The Lake St. K-Mart is the most egregious example, but there are many others. This is a city, not an open suburban tract. Respect the surrounding urban landscape. Target Field was forced to, and that turned out to be part of its charm. What I've seen of this planned development so far is far too suburban in nature, with too many desolate plazas and not enough density.

mattaudioFeb. 14, 1312:00 PM

1. Ms. Olson, these are streets, not roads. Google "Streets vs Roads StrongTowns" for more info. 2. Streets should not be closed. I thought the era of megablocks had passed.

jbhall56Feb. 14, 1312:01 PM

Is this an issue? Maybe. Until there's an official design on the table this is all rumor an innuendo. Please wait on "reporting" until we actually have the facts and can make informed comments.

commonsens4uFeb. 14, 1312:13 PM

Why won't the moderator allow this comment to be published: "Wouldn't have had this problem in Arden Hills"? It is completely relevant to point out once again that most people agreed that Arden Hills made much more sense for this monstrosity of a stadium, but the Star Tribune, Gov. Dayton and Rybak were adament it be in Minneapolis for their own personal gain, so the only propaganda the public saw was in support of Minneapolis. This stadium won't fit on the site and once they figure out how to shoe-horn it in, there won't be any space around it - no tailgating, etc.

gcorputFeb. 14, 1312:16 PM

Drop the stadium and give this money to the Mayo clinic....we'll all be better off.

siouxchampFeb. 14, 1312:16 PM

Good Grief, I hope the new Stadium looks nothing like this picture!

oldmannickelFeb. 14, 1312:19 PM

I hope the final design of the stadium looks nothing like the picture of the design posted with this article. Oooffffdah.

moretaxesnowFeb. 14, 1312:20 PM

"The new stadium is expected to be 1.5 million square feet, 60 percent bigger than the Metrodome..." ------------------- How did the stadium proposal even get this far? The current Dome barely fits on the site and this stadium is going to be 60% bigger? And just now they're bringing up the fact that they have to close roads? You know they had to know about this all along but kept it quiet so they could use the sense of urgency to their advantage. The level of secrecy, deception, and outright lies regarding this stadium is amazing. I hope the county stands firm. And remind me why we didn't put this thing on the huge, open Arden Hills site?


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