Minimum-wage increase gathers steam in Minnesota

  • Article by: RACHEL E. STASSEN-BERGER and COREY MITCHELL , Star Tribune staff writers
  • Updated: February 14, 2013 - 12:36 PM

Legislators getting behind effort to increase state's base wage.

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smccl001Feb. 13, 13 9:57 PM

We're in business, with a lot of jobs that would fall into the "low paying" category. We should be against any increase in minimum wages. But reality check: what types of businesses are finding employees that will work for minimum wage now, even the federal minimum wage? You can't really find any decent employees who work that cheaply. Even our temporary, no-skills, barely capable, summer college employees don't take the job unless they make more. This will hurt some businesses, no doubt,but a lot of businesses have already been forced to pay more anyway.

Mrs.JackJonesFeb. 13, 1310:00 PM

Any increase in the minimum wage will always increase unemployment. Another thoughtless decision by the Obama administration.

TobsterFeb. 13, 1310:12 PM

Leave the minimum wage alone. It's just going to screw up the economy even more. The additional expense to employers will be either passed off to consumers and/or result in lower employment. Minimum wage jobs aren't careers, they're unskilled stepping stones. There's no reason they should pay more. No one should be having kids while they work for minimum wage. I worked my way up from minimum wage. So can you/they.

MarncyFeb. 13, 1310:15 PM

That's a 54% wage increase from $6.15 to $9.50. I think there will be a lot of employers cutting back workers hours and trying to get more work per hour.

gwbuddyFeb. 13, 1310:17 PM

To all those "Business" folks who claim that they just can't afford to pay their employees more than the current Minimum Wage: How do you manage to pay your Executives, Managers, Partners, etc. so "Well", while the other employees get paid so "Poorly"? Think about it. My guess is paying ALL your employees "Well" is a simple matter of being "Fair" to everyone. Both Workers, and Managers, Executives, etc.

Izzy96Feb. 13, 1310:28 PM

Unbelievable that people oppose raising the minimum wage. If it were raised to the rate President Obama is asking Congress to enact, it would still be equivalent to the buying power of 1981 dollars. Raise your hand if you think you can support your family, or pay for college on the buying power of 1981 dollars.

eibud22423Feb. 13, 1310:31 PM

I hope the minimum wage is raised substantially. I hope the "tip credit" stays as is. If the employer can't pay a decent wage maybe he ought not be in business. Workers should be paid for their labors and not sacrificed based on the suggestions made in the previous posts.

eman2001Feb. 13, 1310:32 PM

Not content to go after the Minnesota economy by raising business taxes, they now have pile on with a rise in the minimum wage. Better add a highway bill to improve roads going out of the state.

oat777Feb. 13, 1310:37 PM

I'm normally on the liberal side of things but this issue is a biggie for me. I can't speak to businesses outside my industry but for restaurant workers this increase MUST be accompanied by a tip credit. Not looking to take away anything from anyone. Just keep servers that are tipped out of the increase so we can give that increase to my kitchen workers who have had not enough increases over the last 4 years because their better paid (tipped) coworkers keep sucking up the $$ that should go to dishwashers and cooks. Also for those who think the savings that us biz owners get on paying people goes right into our pockets please go out and invest in a business that can only be successful with good people. Then have the government tell you to give raises to half of your staff that already makes more money than the other half. In order to keep your investors and lenders happy you need to have a set percentage of profit so then you have to make tough decisions on when and how much you can give the other half. It seems so simple to democrats but in reality it can cost people their jobs. If you look at how many people in this state work in the hospitality industry you might get a good idea of how many would be negatively affected by a law that is well intentioned.

LandsharkFeb. 13, 1310:39 PM

You will never kill Wal Mart but you will kill several Minnesota small businesses. A lot of small business owners don't make much now. Wait till they are out looking for jobs too!


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