Groups sue to end wolf hunt in Minnesota, other midwestern states

  • Article by: STEVE KARNOWSKI , Associated Press
  • Updated: February 12, 2013 - 11:43 AM
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deadbovineFeb. 12, 1311:41 AM

I would like to call my first witness: Little Red Riding Hood.

dirtydogsFeb. 12, 1311:55 AM

We will probably make sure the wolf's population drops so much that they will be back on the endangered species list. The DNR does a horrible job of managing our wildlife.

kkjerFeb. 12, 1312:00 PM

I find it interesting that the Humane Society is interested in saving the wolves, but they euthanize tens of thousands of cats and dogs. A little hypocrisy here?

redkayakFeb. 12, 1312:03 PM

There are too many wolves and hunting should be allowed to control their numbers. A third of the moose population was lost in one year. A study will be done to determine the cause, but it could be the wolves. There are no predators for wolves other than man. They have 4 to 7 pups in one litter with up to 14 pups in a litter. At what point would this group think we have enough wolves? Do they have a number in mind? Or would they just prefer to let the numbers multiply until all of the deer and moose are gone, and the wolf population is controlled by starvation?

matthewJamesFeb. 12, 1312:09 PM

This must be the same group that's for abortions of human beings.

ancatdubhFeb. 12, 1312:42 PM

"A third of the moose population was lost in one year. A study will be done to determine the cause, but it could be the wolves." So...we are deciding upon the eradication of a species based upon an assumption or hunch? If the facts/science prove that the Timberwolf is responsible for the thinning herd numbers of Moose, then yes, controlled management of wolves is necessary. But until then are we willing to guess at that? I'm sorry, but after the miscalculation of an unknown/variable regarding the lessening of Moose, the DNR's credibility has been completely undermined.

myob_STFeb. 12, 13 1:34 PM

kkjer, the difference is that these are wild animals that people want to hunt for pure sport. The Humane Society cannot possibly care for the thousands of domesticated cats and dogs that people allow to be born by not spaying and neutering their pets. Unless, perhaps, you'd like another tax to cover their care?

jphaunFeb. 12, 13 1:37 PM

I will have to rethink my contribution to the Humane Society if they choose to waste it this way. The wolf population is being actively managed and monitored by the DNR through the wolf hunt. Presently, there is no reason to believe that this hunting season will lead to population declines that would require relisting the wolf.

scott44Feb. 12, 13 2:37 PM

@myob_ST, you are off base. I did not partake in the wolf hunt/trapping season this first year. But I plan on it next year, and for me it is not the sport. It is for the management of the population. A well planned program which I feel is the hunting/trapping season will do just that. Perhaps you are speaking in to broad of terms?

kzmannFeb. 12, 13 4:27 PM

So,it's OK to kill a dog or cat because there's to many for humans to support,but it's not OK to kill a wolf that the Deer or Moose population can't support.I think the Humane Society might want to stick to what they were here for and let the Fish and Wildlife do there job.

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