Wi-fi and wildlife don't mix at national parks

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  • Updated: February 12, 2013 - 1:18 PM

The great outdoors is supposed to be about twitter without the capital 'T.' How are you supposed to hear it if your cellphone is chirping?

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mixie7Feb. 12, 1311:54 AM

Get trapped under a tree during a storm with no cell phone coverage and no hope for help and let's see how you feel then.

brlattimFeb. 12, 1311:55 AM

I 100% agree. Cell phones have apparently become a requirement for life. Oh my gosh what would we do without them for a few days. Give me a break. Get a life. And GET OUTDOORS.

grampsFeb. 12, 1312:04 PM

Amen!! I have been to Glacier, Yellowstone, and Rocky Mountain National Parks in the past couple of years and cell phones definitely take away from the experience. I realize that keeping cell phones out of the parks is unrealistic, but hopefully they can contain them to certain parts of the parks so those of us know where to go to avoid them.

tranqwhlFeb. 12, 1312:10 PM

So... if someone is in real trouble, we don't want them to have cell phone reception, because... it bothers some people...? Dear country; relax.

greatgatzbyFeb. 12, 1312:15 PM

If you can't handle being somewhere without cell coverage, don't go there. It's amazing that anybody survived anything before cell phones (sarcasm completely intended).

westroad18Feb. 12, 1312:16 PM

With the recent drama between BWCA and ATT, we Minnesotans know there are far more dynamic battles than people updating twitter versus hermits who hate anything that beeps. Also, the last time I was in a national park, there were two massive families with each member screaming into walkie talkies.. obnoxious people will be obnoxious. They don't need cell phones to get on my nerves.

webfootFeb. 12, 1312:21 PM

Cell phones have become an ADDICTION and it's absolutely insane. Have you seen people walking down the sidewalk texting on their phones? Or receiving phone calls or texts at 6:00 a.m. while they're riding the bus or the train to work? Driving while texting??? They're glued to people's hands. Get a grip people, you have an addiction. We did just fine without cell phones before their invention. It's an ADDICTION and it's NOISE POLLUTION. 99% of the population is not interested in having to hear you talk on your cell phone because you're addicted to it.

bannedmuggsFeb. 12, 1312:31 PM

I've led groups in many of our national parks and some in Canada. We have had emergencies over the years and it always works out. There is no need for cell phones, etc. in the parks. Last summer, I was hiking along the Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore having a peaceful, beautiful hike when a cell phone went off. Please leave them at home and, if you can't, stay home.

stuss73Feb. 12, 1312:39 PM

mixie7 - Get trapped under a tree during a storm with no cell phone coverage and no hope for help and let's see how you feel then. >>>>> Get a hand held radio. (aka walkie talkie) They do not cost very much anymore. We use them all the time in northern Minnesota for hunting/camping. Much more reliable then cell phones in remote areas and don't annoy everybody in the woods.

mnpls123Feb. 12, 13 1:05 PM

"If you can't handle being somewhere without cell coverage, don't go there" ----how about if you don't like being around cell phones, stay home. Last time I checked, cell phone users paid taxes that supported these parks as well.


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