Nolan learns new D.C. mantra is 'Show me the money'

  • Article by: COREY MITCHELL , Star Tribune
  • Updated: February 11, 2013 - 5:40 AM

Fresh off a $16 million congressional race, U.S. Rep. Rick Nolan received a not-so-subtle reminder that he is expected to maintain the frenzied fundraising pace that helped him win his northern Minnesota seat.

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pearson1001Feb. 10, 13 9:57 PM

CAMPAGIN FINANCE... What could be wrong with a candidate representing a District in Minnesota, accepting funds from outside the State of Minnesota? Plenty, as far as I'm concerned. Oh - they all do it. That's supposed to make it right and ethical. I realize ethics doesn't raise it's head too often in Politics today, but it's nice to see someone questioning the current system. I wish him luck. He's gonna need it.

kkjerFeb. 10, 1310:40 PM

I agree with Nolan. If half the money spent on the last election was put into medical research we could probably cure cancer.

furguson11Feb. 10, 1310:52 PM

It kind of begs the question, "Who are these folks working for?"

barney_69Feb. 10, 1311:09 PM

Nolan never intended to do more than1 term. He was padding his retirement. It was based on $61,000 and now it's based on $174,000. He's just another liberal hack robbing the citizens.

comment229Feb. 11, 13 4:31 AM

When these 535 cowards get enough (you fill in the blank here) to change the rules to where they act like and represent normal middle class Americans, then this country may change for the better. And you can start with any/all benefits when they leave congress and should be banned from lobbying for ten years after they walk out the door. Until then their approval rating is the lowest ever (the media quit reporting the number) and it is still spiraling downward. We need political reform in this country so badly and in most areas. Either that or we need to change the name of our country to something more appropriate: The United States of Gridlock and our new flag will be a white background for "surrender" with a huge lettered red word "GREED" emblazened across it. We have met the enemy, and they are us. Does congress have anything to be proud of?

comment229Feb. 11, 13 4:36 AM

If Nolan doesn't like it, accepts it, then he is just one of the many who are the problem. We need a real maverick in congress to start this and no, that is not McCain. We need someone who does not follow in the foot steps of political leaders and pacs..... Further, the best thing that could happen in congress today is to make it mandatory that all 535 members, meet in the house chamber, close the doors, and turn out the lights to watch "Mr. Smith Goes to Washington" followed by a mandatory two hour debate to clear the air. Then do something about it. Americans have had enough.

chuckdancerFeb. 11, 13 5:10 AM

When Republicans quit fighting against campaign reform is the day the system will be able to be changed. They brought us the unlimited corporate donations and they will have to be the ones to take it away.

jeanm436Feb. 11, 13 5:40 AM

Until we as a country can fix this, we'll keep kicking the can to the next generations. It's clear Washington doesn't care about the people they were elected to govern. It's all about politics. A very broken system. Sad.

EleanoreFeb. 11, 13 5:59 AM

"Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee staff recommended" - Fire these people, this is not your job. Your job is to spend all your working day, working for MN, not the party. So what if you're a one (more) termer? Do you job, do it ethically and within your constitutional linmitations, and leave proud after doing the job you asked to do, not the job the party told you to do. You do not work for the party.

turgidFeb. 11, 13 7:06 AM

It's never going to happen, but a ban on political ads on TV would go a long way to fixing our election problems.


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