Shorthanded Wolves routed by Memphis

  • Article by: JERRY ZGODA , Star Tribune
  • Updated: February 11, 2013 - 8:02 AM

Missing two more key players and (for a while) their coach, the Timberwolves were no match for a coalescing Memphis squad.

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william16Feb. 10, 13 8:48 PM

Wow is this telling: Gophers and Wolves games end about the same time; 70+ comments for Gophers hoops at this point; zero comments for the Wolves.

snoozecruiseFeb. 10, 13 9:30 PM

A comment about Williams, the coaches, and Pek... I think Williams can be a player, but the coaches seem to be baffled as to how to help him be more successful on the court. Newsflash! He is NOT a good catch and shoot player, whereas someone like Dante is. When Williams is outside the three point line and his defender is several feet away, he will shoot better if he takes a dribble or two toward the basket and pulls up for a jumper. Forget the three point line already! He obviously doesn't have legitimate three point range at this point in his career. When he receives a pass inside the three point line, he shoots better when he takes a lateral dribble or two or a dribble or two or three toward the basket and pulls up rather than catching and shooting. Regarding Pek, at the end of last season I commented that it would be great if Pek developed an eight-foot shooting range, one that included using the glass on both sides of the basket. Bayno, who Peterson raves about for working with Pek all last summer, apparently helped Pek to improve his left hand. Now when Pek is one foot away from the basket he can sometimes use his left hand. I've seem him make four or five one-foot, lefthanded shots this season. It took a whole summer to do that?! With a face-to-the-basket game that includes an eight- to ten-foot range (start out at two feet and add a foot every week or two during the off-season until he can shoot from ten feet on in with pump fakes, up and unders, fadeaways, etc.), his back-to-the-basket game will be infinitely more effective. If the defense doesn't get on him, he'll be able to make a jumper/set shot, many times using the glass like Duncan, but at a closer range. And if they do get on him, he can drive to the basket. And, of course, he can post up down low on other possessions, perhaps half of the time or more. The league has figured Pek out, and he needs more game. IMO, he has the abilities to triple his current game! Williams is a legitimate high pick who is now in his senior year and could use some guidance regarding his offensive game. Coaches?

wisstinks4Feb. 10, 13 9:38 PM

I disagree. Williams can not play at this level. He needs to be traded for more big buys or package him with someone and send him out. Its nice the 3 guards all score in double figures, the games are won under the basket. I can't believe the season is lost because Love is out for a while. It sure looks like they gave up. I was at a game the other night and the place was half empty. NBA hoops stinks.

snoozecruiseFeb. 10, 1310:05 PM

wisstinks4, I think it's too early to make that judgment, though I certainly understand why many feel as you do. He HAS improved this year. He is playing better defense and is playing within Adelman's system. He had five or so defensive rebounds in the first quarter and made a nice basket or two. Coaching and confidence can make him legit. Besides, if the Wolves do trade him eventually, the better his game is the more we will get in return. He is only 21, so that's a bit young to give up on someone. Unlike Beasely, who I over-defended last year and ended up being wrong about, Williams can actually focus and I think he's a hard worker. Obviously, lots and lots of room for improvement.

manoliveFeb. 10, 1311:20 PM

Some ex Wolves are doing well, such as Martell and Corey, who can both nail 3 point shots better than anyone on our team. Did we give up on them too early? The Wolves are a very poor shooting team, and right now they are just too depleted to make any kind of a run. What a disappointment this season has been. Too soon to give up on DWill. He has talent. He needs more time.

snoozecruiseFeb. 10, 1311:31 PM

manolive, I saw Brewer the other night, and he made several good plays during the time he was in. He finally learned how to reign in that urge to go 100 mph. I guess he had to get all of that out of his system when he was with us. I really enjoy the Nuggets.

goldengoph3rFeb. 11, 13 1:57 AM

After this season, the Wolves will have finished dead last for four straight years. Amazingly, only four wins prevented Minnesota from finishing dead last the three years before that. Adelman's roster changes assure dead last for at least another two or three years. Rick, you've failed miserably with the Wolves. Retire and spend 100% of your time with your wife.

comment229Feb. 11, 13 4:57 AM

It used to be that people did not want to play for the Clippers. Now I am beginning to hear people say they don't want to play for the wolves. Yes, we have a new dynasty here and it is not a good one.

comment229Feb. 11, 13 4:59 AM

PS.... after watching Williams play, I expect him to answer his critics any day now, with a quote from Randy Moss.

oxboardFeb. 11, 13 5:09 AM

Did anyone watch the Miami/Lakers game and then make the mistake of staying tuned and watching the wolves/Memphis game? the difference was like watching Beyonce half time show ,and paint dry. the wolves have no fire in the belly anymore, except for the last five guys on the floor who seemed to have some spark. so you can be sure the coach won't want to have that line up in there again.


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