Suburbs open to transit tax

  • Article by: DAVID PETERSON , Star Tribune
  • Updated: February 9, 2013 - 10:09 PM

Some in Scott and Carver counties fear they've got to join tax district or be left behind in metro transit planning.

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Wally_99Feb. 9, 1310:16 PM

We are "open" to nothing of the kind.

sully_mnFeb. 9, 1311:41 PM

The Suburbs? The band?

viktorvaughnFeb. 9, 1311:54 PM

Well I'm torn. On one hand, including Scott and Carver would increase the money available to build out the transit system. On the other hand, including these counties is just going to increase the political pressure for regional equity to trump merit. This is what led us to build the Northstar train to the corn fields of Big Lake, rather than funding bus improvements that could benefit thousands of transit users for a lot less money.

But then again, whether some exurban mavericks like it or not, we all are part of the same metro. It makes sense to work together to build a metro-wide transit system without arbitrary barriers at city & county borders.

nordicnine9Feb. 10, 13 4:07 AM

Public transport is beneficial to all. It allows people that don't have reliable transportation, a way to get into the heart of the city and work, pay taxes, provide services. It allows, those who don't want to waste an hour each way in traffic plus pay outrageous fees in parking to do the same. Plus it allows those people that somehow think the roads are free to drive to work each day and have less traffic on the roads. I live in the suburbs (Chanhassen). I work a good distance from my job (Roseville), I make a higher than average Minnesotan wage, plus since I work in IT, I don't have normal hours. I can't easily take public transportation. Yet, I'm smart enough to realize how it benefits the whole community. I'm more than happy to pay a small increase in taxes to allow light rail out to Eden Prairie, Chanhassen, or even Chaska. There are many great communities out in this area that have many people that can supply the heart of the Twin Cities with great talent yet we can keep our calm quiet communities.

marcymmbFeb. 10, 13 6:00 AM

I live in Scott county and I say NO. This is just another tax that dayton dreamed up he is looking for money anywhere he can. He needs to go away.

livefreeordFeb. 10, 13 6:12 AM

I'm sure not open to throwing anything down the rat hole of public transit. If you want to take a bus, pay for it your self. It isn't any kind of public good. The only person benefiting is you. Roads transport goods and services in addition to commuters. The are required for Fire and Police services as well as nearly all other services. They are a public good and should not be paid for simply through a gas tax. As they are, not only are the transit users stealing from everyone else, but they aren't contributing to a critical public good that they use all the time. I'm not for this tax increase at all and I'd wager that Tabke won't be long on the city council.

jackpinesavFeb. 10, 13 6:49 AM

Perfect situation for the flat earth folks to get what is needed and blame someone else. Vogel and his thinking, he almost scuttled the Scott sweetheart deal with Three Rivers Park System, is what put Scott so far behind. Even Menden has figured out the "train is leaving the station" and Scott better hop on. And you bet they will take the $$$!

honeybooFeb. 10, 13 6:53 AM

Oh God no, you mean we in Carver could get left behind in metro transit planning? Where do we sign up (to hide from the Met Council?!)

greg62Feb. 10, 13 7:30 AM

Before another dime is spent on light rail or the north star, we need to widen the 494/694 loop to at least three lanes everywhere. I'm really sick of the congestion on 494 between hwy 55 and 694 when you take it any time even close to rush hour with three lanes merging to two. The tons of fuel wasted and hours lost that people could be spending with their families is a shame. Shouldn't politians be spending money where it does the most good and benefits the most people? I live in Elk River and shake my head every time the north star goes by, almost always no more than 5% or so full, probably much less. How much did that cost us?

mike06597Feb. 10, 13 7:55 AM

Oh yeah- let's through more money at an UNELECTED body. That way we can go back to the 1920's with more light rail even faster than we are now. With self driving cars on the horizon, we need to lay more miles of track.


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