Gardenhire is highly qualified for latest Twins task

  • Article by: PHIL MILLER , Star Tribune
  • Updated: February 10, 2013 - 10:20 AM

 It's a good thing Ron Gardenhire "thrives on challenges," as Tom Kelly puts it. The Twins skipper faces plenty in his 12th season.

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BallFourFeb. 9, 13 5:38 PM

Cheap Pohlads. Gardy never won in the post-season. He and Anderson weren't big-league stars. Gardy hates "the kids." That ought to cover 80 percent of the comments that will follow. The nonsensical "garden tool" will be invoked. Unlike last February, no one will probably suggest the Twins should have hired Bobby Valentine, but you never know.

jastkeFeb. 9, 13 5:49 PM

I guess you'll have manager-bashing wherever there's a losing team. Maybe Gardenhire deserves a small bit of that, but by and large he's very well regarded by baseball people. If the Twins part ways with him I'll bet a Franklin he'll be managing another team in less than a year.

bolock54Feb. 9, 13 6:22 PM

Gardenhire hasn't exactly had the luxury of having "major league" starters at all positions in the last 3 years either....Let him manage the Yankees or another top notch team and watch what he could do with them......not ALL his fault, by any means.......

lindy_frank123Feb. 9, 13 8:03 PM

@bolock54 the way he handles a staff...there is no way he could manage the Yankees...with all that talent he'd manage them to a fourth place finish...this guy doesn't have it and I doubt he ever did...he's a joke...can't manage at the MLB level and please don't tell me about that one manager of the year award...big deal

cjw_55106Feb. 9, 13 8:49 PM

For those that want Gardy fired, answer this: Is the talent on the field good enough to win? If not, its hard to blame the manager. Sure, you might do things differently, but that is irrelevant. For me, put a team on the field that is talented enough to compete and then I will judge the manager.

hugelatsFeb. 9, 13 9:09 PM

There's a cop-out in the making here when TR talks about progress. Watch them lose 85 and trumpet the heroism of a coaching staff that improved from 99 to 96 to 85 losses. This team routinely tries to turn hype into reality and comes up short. Accountability, pffft...

rodneyklineFeb. 9, 1311:14 PM

The high expectations of the Twins GM for his manager is to do better than the last two years when we were the worst team in the AL. You have a new stadium and two MVPs in their prime and TRs goal is to not be the worst team in the league. My goal is to maybe buy one ticket this year and I hope no one else supports this pathetic excuse for a team. When we bought this stadium for them, it was to make our team competitive. Every year, the goal needs to be to be good enough to win the division. If that doesn't happen, that's OK but at least we need to feel that we are competitive especially when we have two MVPs poised to have huge years. Nice job of creating a diversion with the minor league players but the odds are very low that anyone will be even close to the impact player the Mauer and Morneau already are. Instead of adding a supporting cast to them for this year where they are both in their prime, Terry decides it would be a great time to build up the farm system. The Tigers have Verlander and Cabrera also in their prime but they are not dumb enough to dump their veterans for prospects. They are going "all in" like the Twins should be doing.

firefly70Feb. 10, 13 1:36 AM

I, too, am somewhat dismayed at Terry Ryan's lack of putting out any numbers for defining improvement - at least publicly. However, one of the areas I would think needs to show dramatic improvement would be their defense and getting back to fundamentals. The team committed the 4th most errors in the AL last season with 107; and that was actually an improvement over the previous season when they committed 119 errors! Compare that with just two seasons ago when they committed only 78 errors, when they went 94-68 during the regular season. The correlation seems pretty obvious for a team, like the Twins, that is not going to out-slug their opponents. If the team is to be competitive, they just cannot afford to give the other team extra outs. They have to keep the errors to a minimum. Obviously this was not the only reason why the Twins went into the tank the past two seasons, but it definitely was a factor. THAT is one of the areas that Terry Ryan should want to see noticeable and definite improvement in.

woodbury777Feb. 10, 13 5:37 AM

Adversity has a way of bringing out either the good or the bad, and in Gardenhire's case he hasn't handled adversity very well. He was adequate at best when the Twins had a more competitive team, but certainly not a difference maker in any game or series as some of the better managers are and have been. As the talent level declined the past few seasons, Gardenhire has had his chances to elevate his own leadership skills and that of his hand-picked coaches and that never happened. Professional baseball is no different than any other professional team sport, the really good managers and coaches find the way to win or get the most out of their players and teams and Gardenhire has not consistently done that. He's let the team down on many occasions and until now has really never been held accountable for it. I agree with a number of comments, Terry Ryan's evaluation of improvement scares me.

rms316Feb. 10, 13 5:53 AM

I've never been a big Gardy fan, but in his defense, the organization took a huge step back when Bill Smith was hired. At least they are trying to rebuild something. But if this team gets off to a bad start and isn't improving by July, I think Gardy can pack his bags.


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