Chaska police chief is big voice in gun control debate

  • Article by: TOM MEERSMAN , Star Tribune
  • Updated: February 9, 2013 - 12:04 AM

Scott Knight has spoken out for years on stricter regulations and gun safety. Now he's on a national stage.

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bearclaw500Feb. 8, 1310:34 PM

I could care less what some police chief thinks about this. His opinion is no more valid than a dog catcher.

quinnerooFeb. 8, 1311:08 PM

So when did the police become our enemies?

ethanellieFeb. 8, 1311:39 PM

Scott Knight is a credible person to speak on this issue. Police officers see the carnage of shootings on the job and are the victims of shootings themselves. Who better to speak for the issue than someone who has experienced it first hand? Knight is a great spokesperson and he will make a difference. Thank you to him for his courage in speaking out in favor of common sense. As for the dog catcher? He/she knows a lot about catching dogs but about gun violence, probably not so much just as I'm sure Scott Knight knows little about dog catching. We should listen to the experts.

dazel21Feb. 9, 1312:03 AM

Looks like Chaska will get a new police cheif.

leweygFeb. 9, 1312:58 AM

"My officers take guns off dangerous people nearly every day, with great regularity," he said. "It never makes the news because nothing's happened." What are you saying Chief? I would like to see the police reports that support this statement...because if it's true, Chaska is probably one of the most dangerous cities in the State of Minnesota.

comradeFeb. 9, 13 1:16 AM

Just because he's a police chief doesn't make him right. I would value the opinions of the rank and file street cops a lot more than their chief and most of them know that the courts aren't doing their job at applying the gun laws we have now, let alone new ones. Too many police chiefs are nothing more than politicians with a uniform. I'd rather depend on myself than a cop to protect me anyway. They won't be there when you need them and that's been proven too many times.

SusanTravisFeb. 9, 13 3:46 AM

What is wrong with people? No one is going to take away your guns... But reasonable checks on people who buy guns is no big deal.. and who hunts with an assault weapon? I really do not get what the problem is here.. hunters can hunt, we can protect ourselves, but society may benefit from some checks on this...

bluebeachFeb. 9, 13 3:57 AM

To pillory Chief Knight is a disservice to the public he serves and to him. He and other police chiefs realize that the Second Amendment permits guns to be allowed for defense of the home but not without some regulation. Generally you will find Sheriffs because they are elected unwilling to take any steps to regulate assault weapons for fear of losing votes at the next election.

woodbuckFeb. 9, 13 6:14 AM

I wonder how many gun zealots have ever really seen first hand what happens to a human body when it is destroyed by a gun? The media never shows the carnage out of some mistaken idea that it violates some standard of taste. Maybe if we all were exposed to the kind of reality that the law enforcement and medical people see every day, we might have a bit more care about the proliferation of gun violence in our society. It seems like hardly a day goes by without some new and more heinous crime.

dibblegonFeb. 9, 13 6:16 AM

Ethan "Police officers see the carnage of shootings on the job and are the victims of shootings themselves. Who better to speak for the issue than someone who has experienced it first hand? "----- lots of mayhem in Chaska, eh?


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