Wild GM Fletcher pursues calm as coaches make more line changes

  • Article by: MICHAEL RUSSO , Star Tribune
  • Updated: February 8, 2013 - 9:38 PM

While GM Chuck Fletcher's pep talk preached staying the course, coach Mike Yeo tweaked lines again.

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martiankingFeb. 8, 13 9:53 PM

I never thought I'd miss the wide open style of the Jacques Lemaire era, but Yeo is making it happen!

elmore1Feb. 8, 1310:05 PM

Fletch, I was at the Vancouver game, I'm sure you were too. Did you see any passion on the ice? The crowd was dead, no excitment in the air. You can change lines all you want but other than a few of the players, they skate their shifts like zombies. There is something wrong with the direction, leadership and culture of this club.

caferevFeb. 8, 1311:06 PM

@elmore1 That's because all the players have been lulled into zombie state by the (likeable but) totally OCD Mike Yeo and his micromanaging, control freak, pie-in-the-sky ways. I'm sure it looks really good when he scribbles it all over the breakfast napkin, though. :) I say go buy out Marc Crawford from the ZSC Lions in Zurich and bring him in here to straighten things up.

lindy_frank123Feb. 9, 1312:46 AM

@caferev...in regard to Crawford...I don't like him at all...but having said that..he's got a lot more experience coaching than Yeo...and he teaches his teams to play phsycial...

knight63Feb. 9, 1312:49 AM

If they go 0-4 on this upcoming road trip, which appears likely in my opinion, Yeo will go. He has lost the attention and respect of his players. You can see it in their faces, and the way they sleepwalk through their shifts on the ice. They aint buyin what youre sellin, Yeo. Im not, either.

mkia130johnFeb. 9, 13 4:44 AM

Lets play true or false- Craig Leipold is hands on, does interviews and deals with the public about the Wild like a gm does, works closely with Mister Fletcher ?? TRUE... Craig Leipold would lose his freedoms he has to work closely with the gm if he had to work with an experienced aged general manager more set in his ways ?? TRUE... Chuck Fletcher would bump heads with an experienced coach that is more set on doing things his way because of Chucks lack of on ice hockey experience ?? TRUE... Chuck Fletcher likely hired the two rookie coaches because they would be easier to get along with and would not question how things are done ?? TRUE... Because Craig Leipold and Chuck Fletcher are trying to build their credibility through successful experience, because this is the game they have passion for, its reasonable to think that Chuck Fletcher did not really take much of a risk when picking another rookie coach because the person that signs his checks was in on choosing him to begin with ?? TRUE... Craig Leipold Chuck Fletcher, and Mike Yeo all have one thing in common, they all are trying to find credibility (fake it till you make it) ?? TRUE ... Given these presumed facts it is reasonable to think that Mister Yeo really has to go in the dumps to be fired ?? TRUE

BammerhockeyFeb. 9, 13 6:05 AM

Mitchell deserves more ice time. The guy brings it every night playing on the 4th line. If he had a chance to play with some of our so called scorers it may be the spark we need. Worth a try boys!

openiceFeb. 9, 13 6:08 AM

Different faces, different places -- same result.

mjtousFeb. 9, 13 7:07 AM

Reread the article and lets play true or false some more.... True or false,all of the experienced coaches hired are showing great succes. True or false..Mr.Liepold is running a business and not an inexpensive business. True or false.. BUSINESSMEN of this magnitude DO NOT let the typr of stupid emotions youve described and petty behavior issues get in their way. True or false.. If they did they would not have gotten where they are. Think about it a little MKIA

ctillhockeyFeb. 9, 13 7:26 AM

I agree with the claim that if there is no play on the break in, you should dump the puck. A teammate needs to read that and bust his rear to get to it. My concern is not that. It's after that. Once we get the puck in the corners of our offensive zone, it looks like the Wild are KEEPING it there until they see a play. And that is a problem, in my opinion. It's a different scenario and has different principles. You don't play with the puck in the corners, waiting for an opening to make a play, in the defensive zone all day. Try to make one play, open it up, sure!, but if that doesn't happen, you gotta drive to the net and force a play, rebound, deflection, something. The Wild are playing around the boards all night. I really don't think it's the dump, it's what we do after that needs to be changed.


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