The trouble with Facebook is the people

  • Article by: JOANNA WEISS , Boston Globe
  • Updated: February 11, 2013 - 6:36 AM

Basically, we have little to say. Maybe that's why snail mail was so effective.

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eurotravelerFeb. 10, 13 6:04 PM

I would have read this article, but after reading the beginning found it to boring and inane...

swmnguyFeb. 10, 13 7:29 PM

My problem with Facebook was that it loaded up my browser with so many cookies it slowed me down. I installed a plug-in that deletes tracking cookies when I log off, and my browser sped right back up again. Except now Facebook won't let me log in with my password; they insist on locking me out until I enter a code they text to my phone.

I only checked FB when I felt like it, to see what other people were up to. If I wasn't in the mood, I just didn't log in. FB's putting me through rigamarole out of spite because I delete their tracking cookies makes me feel like looking at it a lot less often.

buckyharleyFeb. 10, 13 7:32 PM

I'm not sure of the allure of Facebook. I have never been on it, and don't feel like I have missed a thing. Here's to actually talking with other people!

squarnFeb. 10, 13 9:22 PM

I would not join Facebook if my life depended on it. I am not interested in the every move of every person I have ever met. And if anyone is that interested in me, they need to get a life.

mn2niceFeb. 10, 1310:44 PM

I have a facebook page and I rarely go to it. Seems like the most I get from it are invitations to play various games. Games I never heard of before getting a facebook page. And twitter, well forget that. What can one say in 140 characters. I guess I just don't understand why these sites are so popular.

nomad2000Feb. 11, 13 1:49 AM

Delete your Facebook or other social media account now and I guarantee you will make your life happier, less stressful, and more productive; you already know who your true friends are which are probably only one or two of your Facebook "friends." As history often repeats, Facebook will be the next Myspace in several years, no matter how many billions of people signed up by peer pressure only to be constantly spammed with advertisements and dull or cryptic posts from people who are so attention starved, that their lives revolve around social media sites. Not only can social media sites make you less social in reality by limiting your face to face interactions, it can jeopardize your current or future job prospects if you post something you probably shouldn't have that lives forever (eg. Gilbert Gottfried and Aflac duck firing after tsunami jokes), and greatly compromise you and your child's security by default (GPS location with posted pictures). The drama is rampant with sites such as Facebook and media outlets are beginning to talk about the negative side, including seeing pictures of parties on your “friends” walls that you were never invited to. Don't think for a second your significant other is not wondering who all these attractive people of the opposite sex that you're adding as friends so you can ogle over their picture galleries and message them flirts, hoping for a response you'll probably never get.

luzhishenFeb. 11, 13 4:54 AM

Facebook depends on the friends - if they are sharing interesting things, it's fun. If it's constant blather or partisan junk, no. Great for people or interests scattered all over the place - I'm in...but I don't connect my phone to it - no way.

transplantedFeb. 11, 13 6:04 AM

I think there's both good and bad with Facebook, and can see where it serves a purpose for some. But frankly, whenever I get notifications that I have things "pending," when I look at them, most people are sharing way too much information about too many things I couldn't care less about, and it's become almost childish, now. I'd like to figure out how to not be notified anymore, and prefer to e-mail or pick the phone up and call the people I know, for whatever updates there are.

bizsmithFeb. 11, 13 7:19 AM

I enjoy many aspects of FB and I use it as my travelogue. The thing that annoys me the most is the posts that people share to try to save my soul, none of them original. If my soul needs saving, I will go to church.

thehoffersFeb. 11, 13 7:24 AM

Griping about something for the sake of griping, in the expectation of seeming intelligent, was already taken by Andy Rooney.


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