Souhan: Unfulfilled promise despite investment puts Yeo's job in peril

  • Article by: JIM SOUHAN , Star Tribune
  • Updated: February 8, 2013 - 12:27 PM
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clownbasketFeb. 8, 1312:11 AM

Please fire him. Boring, bad hockey with listless and unimaginable play is more than enough reason to end Yeo's tenure. They were terrible last year too.

caferevFeb. 8, 1312:15 AM

Michael's problem is simple: He's overcoaching; Yeo is an OCD micromanager, and he's created a team full of dispassionate robots marching around trying to remember every little facet of "the system," rather than allowing them to intuitively draw on their own creativity and experience. It's one thing to be defensively responsible; it's another to be such a control freak that you need to script every second of every game. Yeo's best chance to save his own job is to back off and let the players use their own creativity and experience to produce the offense THEY collectively feel comfortable producing, much like Don Lucia does with the Gophers year after year. (And remember, he has COLLEGE kids!)

djfesterFeb. 8, 1312:28 AM

It's time for Yeo to go. The dump-and-chase system is obviously not working, the players have lost faith in it, and it shows by the lack of effort on the ice. We had the same kind of problems with Todd Richards. The Wild need a seasoned, experienced NHL-caliber head coach who will finally get rid of the dump-and-chase, and the repeatedly passing the puck back and forth instead of shooting. Only 3 shots on goal for an entire period is nothing short of a disgrace. The players look like they're afraid of crossing the blue line, or getting any closer to the goal, let alone shooting. The puck isn't going in the net unless someone shoots it.

knight63Feb. 8, 13 1:09 AM

Fletch- Bargain basement coaches w/little to no NHL head coaching experience aint gonna get it done. We had hoped and prayed you had figured that out after hiring, and firing, Richards. That didnt happen. Now, it has happened again. A train wreck. Get an NHL head coach with NHL EXPERIENCE. Please. This state and its fans deserve better.

lindy_frank123Feb. 8, 13 1:22 AM

I bet JP'a kid Zack wishes this was the North Stars and his dad was coach.

lindy_frank123Feb. 8, 13 1:29 AM

Passing on Ken Hitchcock may be Fletch's biggest mistake. Good coaching is irreplaceable....Jacques even if you loathed his system, was one of the best. He made subtalent look good, imagine what he does with talent. Well, funny you should ask. He almost took Jersey to the playoffs after a lost season a few years ago. When Jacques speak,,those young hockey players listen. Well, they aren't getting him back. He's soaking up the sun in Florida.

klondikekidFeb. 8, 13 1:46 AM

After reading this, I realized that I am frankly getting more tired of pro sports by the day. Maybe it was all the caterwauling about first the Twins "needing" a ball park, then the Vikings following suit. No, on second thought I think it has to do with the fact that this team has only played ten games and apparently the world is coming to an end. Who am I kidding; it's all of the above.

pazalunaFeb. 8, 13 1:51 AM

i don't get why the expectations were raised for this team. ESPN did a statistical analysis and predicted the wild would be the 7th worst team in the league this year. Last year, ESPN predicted them to be the worst team in the league. Also, if you look at parise and suter here is what was given 200 million to...parise wasn't even the leading scorer on his OWN team last year. Suter wasn't even the best defenseman on his OWN team last year. they are decent/good players but neither is great in a vaccum. they need LOTS of help and the wild is just plain not very good. its justin morneau and mauer all over again, only this time on ice.

phingroveFeb. 8, 13 5:17 AM

I predicted this since they announced they wanted to hire from within and announce another rookie coach. It was only a matter of time before another bust. You don't have to fire him until after the season so take the time and find an experienced leader. Maybe Yeo is a package deal with Fletch. Give them both the golden boot.

strib1991Feb. 8, 13 5:45 AM



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