Anderson: Obama is latest skeet-shooting leader

  • Article by: DENNIS ANDERSON , Star Tribune
  • Updated: February 10, 2013 - 6:23 PM

President Obama is the latest in a long line of White House occupants to enjoy shooting at Camp David.

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RossbergFeb. 7, 1310:40 PM

From the looks of his posture it would seem that he would be more comfortable and get better results if he grabbed the barrel of the gun with both hands and swung at the skeet.

matthewJamesFeb. 8, 13 7:10 AM

For someone who is for gun control and taking away our guns sure sounds like a double standard to me. The govt. gets the guns, but we don't. The dems can't wait to control or eliminate the 2nd amendment. What a wonderful country we've lived in. The late great U S of A.

murphydogFeb. 8, 13 7:48 AM

It's really sad that so many people can be swayed by the "Fear This, Fear That" tactic used by special interest groups and politicians. Let's think for ourselves folks.

hobie2Feb. 8, 13 8:10 AM

rossberg - "From the looks of his posture it would seem that he would be more comfortable and get better results if he grabbed the barrel of the gun with both hands and swung at the skeet."... Not well versed in firearm use, are you... let me help - lead arm on, its elbow in line; eye and head in position; butt stock centered on the shoulder joint; firing hand gripping the firearm to allow independent stable finger movement; and the weapon is firing and recoil has moved him to a straight up position from the proper body-forward one - and no blur in the weapon in the photo means he had one stable platform in the firing.

odinmanFeb. 8, 13 8:22 AM

NYT was not the only media outlet which misidentified the firearm. CNN called it a rifle too. Ignorance is bliss.

tmbrcruiserFeb. 8, 13 9:43 AM

Improper or mis-used terminology is indeed common in the media: Bullets in a clip - a clip holds cartriges. Thinking a stall in an aircraft means the engine quit - it means the wing stopped producing lift. My favorite, which has become a private joke between my wife and I, is a quote from Mr Anderson. When we go for a walk before supper, we come to an intersection where we can continue around our front field or take the woods loop which goes to the back line of the forty. She will turn to me and say; Shall we push deeper into our forty? It's the difference between a ten minute walk or twenty. We all have different perpectives, that's what makes life interesting.

braxozFeb. 8, 1310:20 AM

hobie2Feb. 8, 13 8:10 AM _____ Thanks for the critique, you sound like you would be a great coach.

antimarxistFeb. 8, 1311:03 AM

REALLY??? are you this GULLIBLE??? I almost fell off my chair. feed obama's kool aid to someone else Mr Anderson. if you really believe his propaganda then i have some prime ocean front property in AZ I'd love to unload.. unbelievable

chavistaFeb. 8, 1312:34 PM

hobie2, I completely agree with you. In order to correct the position of the butt, all he needs to do is lift his left elbow to a position close to perpendicular to his left shoulder. This will cause the "pocket" to rise slightly putting the butt "deeper" into the pocket that is created. I would also give him more lean into the target which would "unlock" his hips for greater left-right swing. He's a good athlete and I would expect him to hit 23-24 on any day from 16 yards at the trap range.

DufferHFeb. 8, 13 7:02 PM

Anderson, you of all people should know the difference between skeet and trap. If this is a legitimate photo the prez is shooting trap not skeet.


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