Feb. 7: Gun-rights supporters show their might at Capitol hearings

  • Article by: JIM RAGSDALE , Star Tribune
  • Updated: February 9, 2013 - 8:49 PM

Proponents of restrictions cite violence, threat to safety.

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turgidFeb. 7, 1310:19 PM

"Others said they need assault-style weapons and larger magazines to protect their families."... I'm sorry, but this is a ridiculous claim.

SpringerguyFeb. 7, 1310:20 PM

Common sense legislation? ..... - 5 yr. old kid is murdered and the criminal that shot him will be eligible for parole in 17 years. You want to talk some "common sense" - maybe we should start by talking about what the penalty should be for shooting a 5 yr. old. Maybe swinging from the gallows would be more "common sense" when a thug decides to shoot someone. Then, the vast majority that follow the laws wouldn't have to hear all of this nonsense about gun violence. Lets deal with the "violence" part of the equation first.

nealvonFeb. 7, 1310:29 PM

Sick of state and Obama talking about nothing but gun restrictions and gay rights. Appears no one cares about economy or jobs anymore.

jarlmnFeb. 7, 1310:30 PM

This country already has enough of a cultural and political divide, even without the gun issue. Are the Democrats oh-so desperate to pass some feel-good but impotent legislation, that they are willing to risk renting our national unity further asunder? Are the Democrats oh-so desperate to pass some feel-good but impotent legislation, that they are willing to actually criminalize thousands upon thousands of good citizens who are already more than fed-up with, by virtue of their gun ownership, being treated as criminals-in-the-making? Are the Democrats oh-so desperate to pass some feel-good but impotent legislation, that they are willing to actually try to jail the very-real thousands upon thousands of otherwise peaceful, productive and community-minded citizens who view this legislation as unconstitutional and refuse to comply? In their headstrong anti-gun zeal and expedient law-making, have the Democrats even paused a moment a moment to consider the potential consequences to us all as a nation?

billybillyFeb. 7, 1310:37 PM

I'm confident that the 'law abiding' citizens of the State don't have a problem with a strict Federal gun regulation law, without any 'show' or 'friend and relative' loopholes. You know like the NRA proposed right after Columbine.

beaglemomFeb. 7, 1310:40 PM

If you are truly concerned about children you don't USE them and parade them out to support your political agenda. They will all get to vote when they are 18 but it is in poor taste to USE them for sound bites or photo ops.

sanddogsnarlFeb. 7, 1310:57 PM

Rep. Steve Drazkowski, R-Mazeppa, wants to keep the federal government out of gun regulation in the state. He has introduced a bill ... that would make it a crime for a federal official to enforce new federal firearms laws or rules in Minnesota.

Determining where the regulation line should be drawn is unquestionably difficult and charged with all kinds of emotions. But one thing is certain: There's no place along that line for childish, simple-minded bills like this to be coming from elected state representatives wasting legislative time on their constituents' dime -- or they shouldn't be state representatives.

nessmessFeb. 7, 1310:57 PM

Let me see, we have cops targeting and killing citizens, we have cops saying if you are not being murdered, don't call us, cops having sex with under age citizens, we have Obama wanting a "blank check" to target and kill citizens.... And now we have state and Federal gov't wanting to disarm it's citizens.... It isn't any wonder citizens want to be armed, so they can protect theirselves....

marsbonfireFeb. 7, 1311:23 PM

This debate certainly has illustrated how some people live in a fantasy world consumed by fear of potential attacks by unknown, multiple attackers. I shoot every week and I can virtually guarantee that the only time I'll ever expend the fifteen rounds in my Glock at one time is at the range. The rhetoric that ANY restriction whatsoever is the precursor to confiscation is pretty troubling. Frankly, some of the people that I've heard on the radio or written comments, I wouldn't want anywhere near a firearm.

littlebootsFeb. 7, 1311:25 PM

Gather around everybody I've got a story to tell. Although it's an old story it's a good story and it's an American story. It's also a true story. Some might say it isn't relevant these days but moral relevancy never dies, my friends. There was once a band of blood thirsty cut throat outlaws, named the James Gang. You might've heard of them? They robbed and tormented many people in many states just after the American Civil War. These dirty low down criminals decided one day to head North to a little town called Northfield, Minnesota. They reckoned they would ride into town and rob the First National Bank of Northfield and terrorize the good people there just like they had a whole slew of other banks and people that they left on the bloody trail behind them. You see my friends, in their many previous robberies and raids these armed bandits had received little resistance to their attacks on innocent people. But little did the James gang know that good residents in Northfield would have none of their dirty scoundrely criminal ways. You see the good people of Northfield were armed themselves, and when the James gang burst into town and started shooting everything to hell, well my friends they shot back. And the rest, well that's the stuff of legends, as the good people of Northfield, Minnesota chased the bandits clear out of town killing and capturing all of the James gang except that lowdown Jesse and Frank who ran like the yella bellied cowards they were clear to the Dakotas. So if there is a moral to the story, I guess it's probably pretty simple. Bad guys prefer unarmed good guys. And oh yeah don't go robbing banks up in Minnesota, unless you're prepared to take a load of .00 buckshot in yer buttocks.


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