Businesses line up to fight Dayton's sales tax proposal

  • Article by: ADAM BELZ , Star Tribune
  • Updated: February 8, 2013 - 6:10 AM

Gov. Mark Dayton's plan to tax business services, they say, would drive business away, raise prices and fail to generate as much as projected.

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longtimefanFeb. 7, 13 9:37 PM

The parasitic government is on the prowl to steal everything you have. The trust fund governor wants to raise revenue by stealing from the working man and women, something this profane man has never known.

Minnesoda73Feb. 7, 13 9:41 PM

We cannot tax our way to prosperity. Minnesota businesses will move or be put out of business. Massive cuts to frivolous programs are needed. The Welfare State has to end.

groover6Feb. 7, 1310:05 PM

Dayton promised to tax the rich. The only way to raise the revenue he desires is to tax all Minnesotans. This tax will result in the poor, the middle class and the rich paying more to big government. Businesses do not pay taxes – consumers pay taxes.

reader2580Feb. 7, 1310:19 PM

Other articles have indicated that some law firms and professional services firms will simply close or move their Minnesota offices if these taxes pass.

freedumb86Feb. 7, 1310:24 PM

This is the reason why the low taxed south like Alabama and Mississippi are the richest, most powerful states per capita in the country! Wake up left! You guys keep taxing your way into problems. Why do you think San Fransciso is the poorest major city in the country. Moving out of Minnesota and down to Alabama! Here we come! Who care's if your employess are unable to read your memos and follow multiple-step tasks. Making $ 20 million instead of $15 million is more important.

alansonFeb. 7, 1310:31 PM

This is not Daytons fault, entirely. The scheme was dreamed up by his Revenue Commissioner and the Governor, not having any particular expertise in tax policy, bought into the idea. Now the Governor is at the mercy of the Legislature to fix his tax proposal. Myron Frans should have anticipated the problems. The Governor needs to sack him immediately.

spector075Feb. 7, 1310:36 PM

How much more proof do you need to know that ist time to remove this guy! He will destroy Minnesota.

huggybear28Feb. 7, 1310:40 PM

Governor Dayton calls for his tax plan as "fair" and the DFL praises him for taxing the middle class; Governor Walker lowers taxes for the middle class and the Dems hate him. Dayton's budget currently calls for an 8% increase in spending from the previous budget. Drop the 8% increase for starters and drop the tax increases. The rest of us budget based on our incomes. What the state takes in is what it should spend. We have a spending problem and Dayton has proved it. He has even admitted if his budget with all of the tax increases passed, by 2016 the budget would have a deficit again.

tani12Feb. 7, 1311:09 PM

Sales taxes are passed because politicians think we're idiots. Many are, which is why we're building a new stadium despite being in severe debt. Just raise the income tax and let us all see the real cost of government. Don't hide it by nickle and diming use to death with sales taxes..

bkoehnFeb. 7, 1311:14 PM

While I like most of Dayton's proposals, this one needs to go. You hire an independent contractor to work for you and in addition to paying his own payroll tax he needs to charge you sales tax? How is that fair?


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