Downtown Minneapolis' Hennepin Avenue to get a makeover

  • Article by: KRISTIN TILLOTSON , Star Tribune
  • Updated: February 8, 2013 - 12:18 PM

City Council approved a cultural corridor from Walker to the river.

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northstarstFeb. 7, 13 8:56 PM

I'm glad they are integrating downtown with the riverfront. Minneapolis has never really embraced the waterfront like St. Paul, St. Louis, or even Detroit. Also, I hope they really think this through so it doesn't become another Block E. In other words, give people a reason to use this area and get the thugs off of Hennepin.

littlebootsFeb. 7, 13 8:59 PM

You know in most cities these big projects are honestly just awful failure but somehow Minneapolis has harnessed the unique ability to actually make these kinds of projects work. I applaud you Minneapolis, as a guy from Seattle who has lived in Portland and San Francisco as well, you make me proud! Unlike Saint Paul that won't even plow the bike lanes, the few that it has.

AnondsonFeb. 7, 13 9:03 PM

The critical question is how much this reverses the idiocy and damage of Block E.

bredpathFeb. 7, 13 9:22 PM

agreed northstarst! The problem is, this all probably sounds very nice to the thugs that like to hang around Hennepin ave too.

dsteinbe1977Feb. 7, 13 9:36 PM

Wasn't this suposed to happen in 1987, 1993, 1996, 2001, 2005, 20??, 20??

readthiscommentFeb. 7, 13 9:54 PM

Yep, grass, trees and teenagers -- that's what we go downtown for. NOT! What about the other pathetically disgusting commercial corridors like Central Avenue in Minneapolis that need lots of attention and can't get it from City Hall? Central Avenue is becoming a real pit. I admire the handful of decent businesses that hang on there dispite all the vacant sites and dreary looking facades. This city council is turning Minneapolis into just a downtown surrounded by weak, shabby areas with Ward 13 and the Lakes area for some window dressing that they can pat themselves on the back about. It's getting embarrassing around here because it looks so bad and wasteland-like.

billybillyFeb. 7, 1310:03 PM

Think how nice we could make the City look if we weren't handing $500 million to a guy to build a development BLOCKER, and doesn't even live here.

logician88Feb. 7, 1310:04 PM

While they're at it, will they also reverse the ridiculous decision to turn it into a two-way street?

turgidFeb. 7, 1310:12 PM

I wish these guys well, but it sounds like more of the same: a couple pots with plants. It continues to be a black eye that a city that has so much green space in it refuses to put even the simplest park downtown. Thousands of people work down there everyday and the only thing they can find during lunch is stretches of concrete. If the city council wanted to dramatically improve downtown, they would create a true park with trees and benches. You know, something for human beings.

kivirl4Feb. 7, 1310:13 PM

why gradual? Just do it in one big project


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