A call for less salt in our roadways’ diet

  • Article by: Star Tribune
  • Updated: February 7, 2013 - 11:57 PM

Motorists may want more of it, but others say it's tainting lake waters and we should cut back.

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arspartzFeb. 7, 13 8:39 PM

This is a joke, right? A lower speed limit in the winter, even though between storms the roads are clear? How about, NO!

eddie55431Feb. 7, 13 9:13 PM

And why do we assume that higher salt content in lakes is a bad thing? Do we know? Maybe it kills Zebra Mussels and milfoil and keeps lakes from freezing out and killing fish! Global warming is going to end the need for snow plows and salt trucks anyway.

roodougFeb. 7, 13 9:18 PM

I grew up in Alaska...they plow the roads and then put sand down. That's it.

reader2580Feb. 7, 13 9:43 PM

The news conference to announce lower winter speed limits better also include MNDOT's plan to quadruple the number of lanes on every highway.

nsfFeb. 7, 13 9:53 PM

Driving is not some inalienable right. I'm no Luddite, but a call for less salt and lower speed limits seems about perfect. If it takes one two hours to get back and forth each way to work, it will give one plenty of time to ponder why one lives so far from work and what better way there could be to commute.

boris123Feb. 7, 13 9:55 PM

This is proof positive that mental illness continues to go untreated in this country, and certainly this state. Oh, and we elect them to the government.

SorghastrumFeb. 7, 1310:04 PM

Too bad our MN society is all about destroying the environment for future generations rather than construction of a true mass transit infrastructure that replaces the automobile with cheap and punctual trains and streetcars. Roads are so passé.

boris123Feb. 7, 1310:11 PM

And just why is another law/ regulation needed? Does any elected official read the existing laws????? The majority of Minnesota statute language that addresses speed limits is found within 2008 Minnesota Statute (MS) 169, TRAFFIC REGULATIONS. Appendix A-2 contains excerpts from the statute text that address definitions and speed limits germane to the local roadway environment. Some of the key principles found in MS 169 are the following: • “No person shall drive a vehicle on a highway at a speed that is greater than is reasonable and prudent under the conditions.”

greatxFeb. 7, 1310:13 PM

roodoug says: "I grew up in Alaska...they plow the roads and then put sand down. That's it." --- Now tell the Minnesotans **why** Alaska uses sand and gravel (in Fairbanks). It is because the temps are usually to cold for salt use. So your car doesn't rust, but many folks need to purchase a new windshield because of the flying gravel. Personally, I WANT whatever amount of salt used that will clear the road... Btw, when I lived in Fairbanks, AK, they only plowed the side streets once a month.

elli445Feb. 7, 1310:17 PM

Anyone here who defends boundless amounts of salt on the roadways is extremely shortsighted. Any defense of road salt is trumped by the carelessness of local drivers, and their lack of appropriate winter tires. If you do not have winter tires in this state, you are extremely foolish. Not to mention the needless corrosion of our vehicles and roadways.


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