Chicago's gun violence victims are too soon forgotten

  • Article by: ESTHER CEPEDA , Washington Post Writers Group
  • Updated: February 7, 2013 - 5:00 PM

The city recorded 550 homicides between January 2012 and the end of last month, so many that most of them have just become footnotes to the interminable murder spree.

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jdlellis1Feb. 7, 13 1:34 PM

Yes, Minnesotans, let us continue down the same path of the City with one of, if not the, tightest gun control laws in the nation. In other words, "If you keep doing what you're doing, you'll keep getting what you're getting."

matteotorgyFeb. 7, 13 1:43 PM

When did "gang violence" become "gun violence"?

lyingcommiesFeb. 7, 13 1:50 PM

Well, another "guns-free" zone: no (law abiding) person can have a fully assembled handgun or an “assault rifle” even in own house. No carry permits. They even attempted to ban shooting ranges for civilians. Minnesota, you can be next …

whareidFeb. 7, 13 1:56 PM

The Chicago problem is for the most part a inner city drug related issue where the culture is screw education and kill anybody who disrespects you or your gang. It is ridiculous to think that these idiots are going to abide by gun control or an anti violence campaign. My friends, these guys will still have guns long after Obama takes them from all law abiding people.

jarlmnFeb. 7, 13 1:56 PM

Chicago has had some of the most stringent gun control laws in the nation. Yet, the gang-bangers and other scoff-laws run rampant. Kindly explain then, how, in the absence of statistical evidence, one decides that punishing peaceful, gun-owning citizens, will reduce crime?

sharkysharkFeb. 7, 13 1:57 PM

Some of this blood is on the President's hands. His plan for the rest of us is more of the same.

odinmanFeb. 7, 13 2:02 PM

Gun violence...mostly with illegally obtained our inner cities is the elephant in the room for gun control advocates. The additional laws they are pressing for do not address this problem. The real solution is to have tough,tough manditory penalties for crimes committed with guns, illegal gun possession and illegal gun trafficking. These kinds of measures concentrate on the criminals which is where the focus should be.

ubetcha101Feb. 7, 13 2:06 PM

Just like the hockey( white) community was called racist because Jabs received more $ for his injury. Than the little boy shot to death sleeping on his couch in N MPLS. Well the hockey community does not have weekly,monthly,or even yearly injuries like Jabs received. But we are seeing way to much consistent violence in N mpls. So yes we become (well another day), which is not fair. But it also is not fair for the Black community to infer that because Jabs received more dollars for his accident that we don't care or are racist!

matteotorgyFeb. 7, 13 2:07 PM

Both sides of the gun debate stipulate that (a) Chicago has the strictest gun laws in the nation and (b) Chicago has the highest murder rate per capita. However, they disagree as to the cause. Those who support the Second Amendment believe that gun control emboldens violent criminals. Those who support gun control say that Chicago's murder rate is due to insufficient gun control laws in states surrounding Illinois, namely Wisconsin and Indiana. Let the people apply their own logic in choosing between the two theories.

mnviking4255Feb. 7, 13 2:18 PM

When will people really wake up? Gang violence is getting worse and worse. Stuff like this happens when evil continues to be allowed to roam free. Good individual morals and character need to come back to the individual. Lets look at what is happening in America. You have Godless liberals running our cities. Black on black crime is actually democrat on democrat crime. When was the last time a Republican ran Chicago or St. Louis? 1960's for St. Louis. There is no competition in the idea market for making our cities safer. People blindly vote for the great pontificator and pretend santa claus. It is sad. People of Chicago are getting what they have voted for. Just like us as a nation. We deserve President Obama's non leadership and sick ideas. This too will pass as people finally really wake "the $^%^^ up in the opposite direction that Samuel Jackson would say about voting for Obama.


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