Mortenson, Hunt are finalists to build Vikings stadium

  • Article by: RICHARD MERYHEW , Star Tribune
  • Updated: February 8, 2013 - 2:16 AM

Local firm Mortenson still in hunt to build $975 million venue.

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jcmac55Feb. 7, 1311:16 AM

Waste of money for a losing franchise!

SpaceVikingFeb. 7, 1311:23 AM

So now that the promised gambling income is failing to materialize when are they going to start taxing us directly to pay for this thing? If this was such a good deal for the local economy then the Vikings should have made a deal like the Rochester Mayo proposal. "We'll pay for the whole thing ourselves and when the extra tax revenue flows in then please direct some of it to infrastructure around the stadium." But, no, the Vikings were all "pay for most of it or we're out of here".

billybillyFeb. 7, 1311:51 AM

A rip off and a boondoggle. Threats, no vote, extended taxes, failing revenue (pull tabs), added TIF supposedly to enhance development. Call your reps and stop this stupid thing.

marketerFeb. 7, 1312:13 PM

billybilly is correct. This project has failed from day one. When the electronic pull tabs are finally shown to be insufficient, the tax burden will be have to be made up. It was just a stalling tactic and when it becomes apparent the authorities will say, "It seemed like a good idea, I wonder why it didn't it work?"

JoeMacFeb. 7, 1312:24 PM

Give it to Mortensen! This stadium is not just for the vikings, it will generate revenue for the city and will add an icon to downtown. If you donn't like progress and prefer to keep Minneapolis as an outdated city I ask that you move to Lincoln, NE and enjoy the quiet life. Build this stadium already!!

quinnerooFeb. 7, 1312:24 PM

First they trash the right for citizens to vote on this, then by the slimmest majority involving twisting arms (payoffs?) they OK a duplicitous stadium for an out of state, for profit developer. Then the brilliant idea of electronic pull tabs is brought in (FAIL). Then, they fish the idea of using tax money to help develop the area around the boondoggle, like that actually will, notwithstanding all history to the contrary. Are you guys so hit up along side the head so hard that you can't even think straight anymore? BTW, I told you so.

stuss73Feb. 7, 1312:27 PM

Go Vikes! Can't wait to get out of the metrodump!

oldmannickelFeb. 7, 1312:31 PM

I'm on board with Mortensen being selected. Keep it local as much as you can and putting money back into the local economy.

petermatFeb. 7, 1312:32 PM

Yeah, I like new Stadiums! Go Vikes!!!

quinnerooFeb. 7, 1312:35 PM

"it will generate revenue for the city"..................Bee Ess!! You weren't around when EVERY study shows that these things are financial losers and development blockers for communities, JoeMac. If you can't see what is happening, you are just acting on irrational passion. Even the Twins with 82 games a year can't spur development. Why would you think that 10 games a year will do that?


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