Bowing to pressure, Obama orders release of drone memo

  • Article by: KAREN DeYOUNG and GREG MILLER , Washington Post
  • Updated: February 7, 2013 - 8:54 AM

Lawmakers had threatened to delay confirmation of John Brennan as new CIA director.

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marketerFeb. 6, 1310:47 PM

"Obama directed the Justice Department to hand over the document to the Senate intelligence committee"....................Oh great!!! That means that we will be hearing some blather from Bachmann sooner than later.

ronniereaganFeb. 6, 1310:58 PM

marketer- a serious subject about the legality of drone strikes on Americans and you want to take a shot at Bachman? The hypocrisy from the left on this issue is breath taking. Liberals were screaming about civil liberty violations (and maybe rightly so) about George Bush, wire tapping and Patriot Act. Here we have a President authorizing strikes on Americans that may not be presenting imminent or any present threat. Then after the strikes, classifies all intel on the strikes. We have a president essentially willfully killing Americans without any judicial/congressional oversight and liberals are silent. Sad. Suprised they haven't blamed the GOP for this one yet.

sylvanlakeFeb. 6, 1311:13 PM

marketer- really? Last time I checked she was in the House. ........ So we can kill them, but can not water board them? The deal is this, the Obama kill drones just destroys the enemy. When the CIA captured & interrogated we got intelligence, one way or another, that helps keep us here in the US & our troops & others safe. Maybe that's why Obama is keeping Guantanamo open.

jarlmnFeb. 6, 1311:46 PM

If Bush had been doing half the crap Obama has been pulling, the Leftists would be foaming at the mouth and throwing rocks in the streets. But what do we hear from those hypocrites when THEIR guy does heinous and unconstitutional stuff? *crickets chirping* The level of hypocrisy from the Left has reached the saturation point.

crystalbayFeb. 7, 1312:35 AM

"We have a president essentially willfully killing Americans"..................No, we do NOT. One terrorist who'd renounced his citizenship does not generalize to all Americans. Gitmo is still open entirely due to Congress blocking its closing. Enhanced interrogation did NOT elicit valuable intel. All of these right wing talking points are utterly false.

crystalbayFeb. 7, 13 1:09 AM

"If Bush had been doing half the crap Obama has been pulling, the Leftists would be foaming at the mouth"..................I'd have to say that the stealth strikes under Obama don't hold a candle to launching two illegitimate wars based on pure fabrications and lies. Not even close.

paulusFeb. 7, 13 4:37 AM

crystalbayFeb. 7, 13 1:09 AM - 21 Democrat Senators voted in favor of the Iraq war based on the intelligence the CIA provided. These Senators included: Joe Biden, Hillary Clinton, John Kerry, Chuck Schumer, Harry Reid, Diane Feinstein, so stop already with the total lies about Bush. He needed both the House and Senate to vote in favor of the war. Obama is single handedly playing judge, jury, and exectioner. He's acting on his own with no input from either chamber of congress. And as far as taling points, Secretary of Defense, Leon Panetta admitted 3 days ago that enhanced interrogation did lead to the capture of Bin Laden. You're wrong on this point also. Lastly, Obama killed Anwas al-Aulaqi with a drone strike, and 2 weeks later killed his 16 year old son with a drone. So you condone killing children? You must if you are defending Obama on this. Why do you blindly follow everything Obama does without question? I don't want this president or any other Republican president in the future to have the ability to kill Americans without due process. This is something dictaors do, not American presidents.

drfranktFeb. 7, 13 5:34 AM

Sec. of Defense Panetta states the interrogation (read: waterboarding) did work in gaining intelligence on the whereabouts of OBL. The empty-suit liar-in-chief decried the evil of the interrogation methods of waterboarding and said it was un-American. I guess it's acceptable, in his warped thought process, to unleash death upon an American target as well as a little bit of "collateral" damage against a few innocents.

drfranktFeb. 7, 13 5:36 AM

The empty-suit occupier of the White House is against waterboarding, but a drone strike to kill a few people is perfectly acceptable...can anyone explain the logic?

OglethorpeFeb. 7, 13 7:08 AM

Obama's big brother policies have been far worse and invasive to americans than the Bush years ever were. I'm embarrassed for voting for him. Next time I think voting Libertarian is the only option for political integrity.


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