State moose population dives by a third in annual count

  • Article by: JOSEPHINE MARCOTTY , Star Tribune
  • Updated: February 7, 2013 - 6:48 AM

Alarmed, the DNR suspends hunts indefinitely as researchers scramble to learn what is decimating the animals.

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notforwardFeb. 6, 1310:56 AM

How much tax dollars were wasted on this? THERE ARE TOO MANY WOLVES.

dirtydogsFeb. 6, 1311:12 AM

The DNR is unbelievably HORRIBLE at managing our fish and wildlife. How did they not see this coming and take action sooner. I am sure they have their standard answers/excuses. Mild winters this past year must have helped their population. Just how many Moose have been killed by hunters the past several years? Minnesota will soon be a state with limited Wolves, Moose and Walleye.

genericloginFeb. 6, 1311:19 AM

I agree notforward. What an amazing coincidence that the decline of the moose coincides with the introduction of the wolf. Moose are not that bright and are easy picking for wolves.

voicefreasonFeb. 6, 1311:20 AM

Don't worry people. The "experts" say that wolves have no effect on the adult moose population. Great work! When will they do a study on the effect of their calves? Huh??? They either never thought of that or conveniently left out that data.

meechemillFeb. 6, 1311:21 AM

A little too late to save the Moose if you ask me - also - what about all the people up north who hunt illegally - time to start campaign for Turn in Poachers to turn these people in who have been getting away with it for years - Who sees them in the woods - they take deer, moose etc all year long.

overlandFeb. 6, 1311:21 AM

So as this is happening, there's a rulemaking going on to delist moose? Comments are due February 27, 2013, send to Here's the DNR page:

franknjackFeb. 6, 1311:22 AM

notforward--Tax dollars wasted? This is the DNR's job. Would you rather they just make arbitrary decisions such as yours rather than accumulate and analyze data? Hardly a waste of money, unless you don't see any need for data-based decisions.

waynebobFeb. 6, 1311:23 AM

This is very concerning. Previous comment blamed too many wolves and wasting tax dollars. Has no clue. Sharp declines in population is not from wolves. But ask why are all the native birch trees dying along the north shore area, this issue with the moose. Could they be related?

jdcarpenFeb. 6, 1311:24 AM

Before others start blaming wolves, it might be useful for the DNR to determine the actual cause. Might be wolves, might be habitat, might be climate change, might be something else, might be a combination of factors. Everyone will undoubtedly benefit from a clearer understanding of the facts-- and preserving the remaining moose in the interim seems to be a no brainer.

jee7654Feb. 6, 1311:25 AM

If wolves were the driving factor, moose would have disappeared on Isle Royale decades ago. The moose population there is fine while the wolves are on the verge of dying out.


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