Traffic frustration eases along Hiawatha Avenue

  • Article by: TIM HARLOW , Star Tribune
  • Updated: February 6, 2013 - 11:19 PM

A new traffic signal system on the Minneapolis road has reduced the time drivers wait at red lights, but some say the problems persist.

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blatherskiteFeb. 6, 13 9:06 AM

If they would have elevated the train in the first place there would have never been any disruption in traffic since the beginning. Now they've made the same mistake on University Avenue.

elmi0001Feb. 6, 13 9:17 AM

Love the light rail and support the expansion but this issue has been going on since the line opened up. Reach out Portland and see what they did. Their LRT lines (MAX) are similar. They have solved the issue.

MorgFeb. 6, 13 9:21 AM

Wow. Good job. That only took, what, 10+ years? The most troubling thing for me is that people who get paid to think things like this through thought the original setup was a viable option. These are the same people who decided 494's 3rd lane in Plymouth can wait and who think cloverleafs at major interchanges are the answer. Why do these people have jobs?

MorgFeb. 6, 13 9:29 AM

I don't know why monorail is never brought up as a better alternative to light rail. The upfront costs are similar, but monorail can actually operate at a profit when it's up and running. It's elevated, so it doesn't affect traffic, it has a fraction of the repairs, upkeep and maintenence of light rail and it can be build without aquiring a lot of extra right of way. It could be built in virtually any of our existing corridors with very little disruption. No brainer. That is, unless you're MNDOLT. With the Hiawatha traffic disaster as an example, I shudder to think what traffic on University is going to be like.

meeetooofoolFeb. 6, 13 9:35 AM

It's a nice almost free ride for those on either end of the experiment and for a few of those in between. What good has it done and at what cost??

stingballFeb. 6, 13 9:49 AM

It's about time they fixed this! I have been caught numerous times waiting to cross Hiawatha at the 38th Street Light Rail Station when the train arrives right before the light is about to turn green. You have to wait another 3-4 minutes for the next green light and one time I had to wait 3 full cycles for a green light because trains kept coming (waited 10-12 minutes). This was a bad design flaw that should have never happened, as pointed out by a report analyzing the light rail shortly after it began.

mattaudioFeb. 6, 13 9:54 AM

blatherskite, unlike Hiawatha Avenue (where Avenue is a misnomer) University Avenue is a street, not a road. It derives its value from serving adjacent land uses and neighborhoods, not moving people quickly for long distances. If that's what you want to do, hop on Interstate 94, which is truly a road and obviously not a street.

mattaudioFeb. 6, 13 9:55 AM

@Morg, why did Seattle decide to move forward with a LRT network (albeit after Minneapolis did) after decades of discussion about expanding their expo monorail line into an actual system?

chadst70Feb. 6, 1310:11 AM

I live in that area...I can't tell you how many times people have turned left on a red arrow light because of waiting so long... I will be glad when this is resolved as we all know it is very frustrating.

garagewineFeb. 6, 1310:15 AM

I thought this was their strategy for getting people to ride the train.


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